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Authorized Sonic Meditation Outreach Program

*Facilitate group sound immersion technology designed to uplift individuals, communities, and the human collective. All music is custom created and produced around sacred concepts of sound and vibration as a catalyst for wellness and healing of mind, body and spirit.

*Receive new, custom created monthly Sonic Meditations focused on targeted themes for healing and upliftment with corresponding guided meditation template.

*Participation in a collective effort, which includes all other Authorized Sonic Meditation Outreach providers in the Listening To Smile online directory.  As a group, utilizing the power of joint focus around intentional monthly themes and uniquely created meditations (frequencies and tones specifically created around the theme) at various locations across the country, and as we grow internationally.

*Permission to utilize Listening to Smile Sonic Meditations in group settings without copyright infringement.

*Permission to charge for group Sonic Mediations produced by Listening to Smile without copyright infringement.

*Set-up and marketing training and support for your group Sonic Meditation Program.

*Permission to brand your group meditation as an Authorized Listening To Smile Sonic Meditation.

*Listing in the Listening To Smile Sonic Meditation Directory on our site which will provide a direct link to your page so you can provide ongoing information about the Sonic Meditations you are facilitating in your area.

*Affiliation with a network of like-minding individuals and facilities through our directory and private, interactive Facebook group, committed to the positive and healing potentials of sound and vibration on the human experience.

*Authorized facilities will not be located within a 10 mile radius of each other (exceptions may apply based on demographics).



Sonic Meditation Mission Statement

To utilize uniquely created musical tones/pure tone combinations, and frequencies based around Solfeggio Harmonics, Schumann resonances and other sacred concepts based on sound and vibration in order to modulate focus, mood, emotional state, and physical well-being. These frequencies are a tool to facilitate harmony of mind, body and spirit. Within the context of a group mediation setting, surround sound speaker technology is utilized to create a one of a kind sound/vibrational immersion experience paired with a guided meditation. The effects of this environment are then further amplified by the shared energy of joint focus and intention within the group dynamic. Group size is determined based on event space. Ideal groups are between 20-50 participants. All affiliates in Listening to Smile’s Sonic Meditation Outreach Program are provided with a custom monthly Sonic Mediation© and guided meditation template to facilitate the experience and further unite and amplify the intent and healing potential of the monthly frequencies and theme.

*Copying and distribution of CD’s©, however is prohibited.



Authorized Program Model

The business model for Listening To Smiles Authorized Sonic Meditation Outreach Program is an affiliate model.  This is the ideal relationship for the self-motivated individual with consistent access to a location/organization suitable for hosting ongoing Sonic Meditations. An authorized affiliate under our model will be capable to set up and explain the basic concepts of sound immersion principles and its healing potentials, as well as to direct and expand upon the monthly guided meditation template which will be provided. This individual will also be comfortable with the basic concepts of marketing to promote the Sonic Meditation within their respective community.  An affiliate has control over their monthly meditation schedule and financial outcome potentials within a supported structure.

On the second Monday of the preceding month the Sonic Meditation, corresponding guided meditation template, and monthly marketing material will be emailed to each participant in the Sonic Meditation Outreach Program Directory (ex, Monday, May 2 2016 for June 2016 Sonic Meditation). This allows each participant a full month in advance for preparation and marketing. Participation in our closed team Facebook group also allows for ongoing community, sharing of marketing materials, promotion ideas, and trouble shooting. All providers will run the same meditations each month (please do not run previous Sonic Meditations as a vital aspect of the program is the power of unity and joint focus).

Our Authorized Sonic Meditation Outreach Program members renew their contracts annually.  Contracts contain a non-compete clause for the 18 months following a departure.


Requirements for Affiliate 

  1. Must own or have access to an adequate space to host a group meditation which generates a moderate volume of noise. If you do not personally own the space, the signature of an authorized representative of the space you are using is required on your contact. In the event that you change your location, we require an updated contract.
  2. Consistent access to appropriate equipment to produce a Listening To Smile sound experience; A minimum of 2 speakers, 500 watts or higher. Preferred experience recommendation: 4 speaker PA system, a minimum of 4 LED light bars or splash cans, access to Wi-Fi (meditations are played over a live stream), and an electronic device to live stream the meditation (laptop, iPod, phone, computer, iPad, etc).
  3. Technical knowledge/on-site support to set up equipment, run meditation, and trouble shoot technical issues.
  4. 4. Ability to conduct guided meditation portion of the Sonic Meditation. Basic monthly template will be provided and affiliate may enhance as desired; this is an essential component as it sets the intention and theme for the tones and frequencies produced for that month’s meditation. Meditations may be sitting or movement-based (i.e.,yoga). Live elements are also encouraged (e.g., live drumming, chanting, etc).

*A detailed orientation and initial consultation is provided to assist in set-up for our approved directory members. However, we are happy to assist in answering any of your questions regarding upfront investment, projections, etc. to assist in your decision making process.


Payment for Services

Payment to Listening To Smile from affiliates in our Authorized Sonic Meditation Outreach Program is outlined in your individual contract.

Payment to you (Authorized Sonic Meditation Outreach Affiliate) from members of your community attending Sonic Meditations sponsored by you at your host facility are advertised and collected by you with no involvement, management or liability to Listening To Smile and/or Ian Morris.



The names “Listening To Smile,” “Sonic Meditation,” and use of those names in any and all associated marketing materials, as well as any tones (even a portion of tones) produced by Ian Morris, Listening To Smile is under copyright and only for use under the outlined parameters of in the Authorized Sonic Meditation Outreach Program. Sonic Mediation music is not authorized for reduplication or distribution.



Listening To Smile/Ian Morris, founder and practitioner, maintains individual liability insurance as a wellness practitioner. Entering into a contract with Listening To Smile and/or Ian Morris does not indicate shared liability, you nor the sponsoring facility, shall hold either responsible in the unlikely occurrence of an incident at an event sponsored while functioning in the capacity as a participant in the Authorized Sonic Meditation Outreach Program. Any incident shall be considered the responsibility of the practitioner facilitating the Sonic Meditation and/or the facility sponsoring as it would be appropriate.  It is recommended that facilitating practitioners and facilities maintain and verify appropriate insurance policies. Agreement to participation in the Authorized Sonic Meditation Outreach Program as indicated by contract signature also indicates understanding of this liability policy.



Contact Ian to discuss reviewing /signing a contract to become a part of Listening To Smiles authorized directory!

Once your contract is signed you will participate in our online orientation program. This program will cover information about the healing potentials of sound immersion, equipment specifications and set up, the specifics related to implementing Sonic Meditations at your location, our program schedule, marketing, and ongoing mechanisms for support and growing your program.