Benefits of Meditation & Music

“My joy has been found as a multi-instrumental musician for over 20 years. This was the foundation for what 10 years ago became an ongoing in-depth personal journey into the study and applications of the healing potentials of sound. My personal and professional experiences with the affects of frequency and vibration on the mind, physical and energetic bodies has fascinated me and been absolutely life changing. This has facilitated my beleif that combining conscious breathing and frequency-minded music can serve as an extremely powerful holistic vehicle of change. Client’s with whom I have worked and individuals who attend our group Sonic Meditations in various locations internationally, have also reported experiencing everything from meaningful subtle shifts to significant breakthroughs. I base the production of my frequency-minded music in sacred understandings of sound and properties of matter explored in the field of physics and the theories of quantum physics. Through my work with Listening to Smile, my intention is to be a significant contributor to this revolutionary, holistic modality for wellness and catalyst for spiritual growth. I invite you to discover the power of sound and unleash the possibilities”.  –  Ian Morris, Founder Listening to Smile


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