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 Sonic Meditations

Listening to Smile conducts live monthly Sonic Meditations at our outreach locations  internationally. Each carries a unique theme with corresponding, targeted frequencies.

Continue the Sonic Meditation experience at home by purchasing the music and tones from our monthly live groups! Experience these unique, custom, meditative sound immersion experiences  in the comfort of your own home or business. Allow your mind and spirit to take a very special journey.








Wellness Series











If your facility is interested in providing Sonic Meditations, we invite you to explore becoming a Certified Sonic Meditation Provider. Our directory of locations is growing! Contact us to learn more about our program.


*Individual Frequency-Based Wellness Sessionsclick here to learn more about how the power of sound can work to best meet your personal needs.


*Professional Tone Production– Creation and production of personalized professional CD’s for practitioners or facilities blending custom sound healing tracks with mediation, voice over, or other healing or promotional material is also available. Estimates are provided per project. Email us for more information.