Sacred Frequencies

The following explanations of the Solfeggio scale frequencies are based on both ancient wisdom,
Ian’s personal experience, and Listening to Smile’s client feedback and testimonials.


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The lowest frequency on the Solfeggio scale, 174 Hz acts like an energetic anesthesia.  It is great for reducing pain in your physical body, as well as mending the energetic kinks that cause your pain.  This frequency helps one feel secure, and has a slow, soothing quality to it.


285 Hz – C #

One level up from the lowest frequency, 285 Hz targets your energy field.  It is most beneficial for addressing holes and other issues in your aura or energetic field.  This is a good frequency for chakra alignment, and the frequency of choice for energy healers.


UT – 396 Hz  – G  ( Root Chakra )

This is a low and smooth frequency, it works to cleanse feelings of guilt, fear, and trauma that produces these emotions.  This frequency helps move and clear sexual trauma, and physically release in the form of crying or laughing.  This frequency has the ability to repair energetic issues around one’s sexuality.


RE – 417 Hz – G #   ( Sacral Chakra )

This frequency to help bolster one’s creativity, and produce positive change in a person’s life.  This is good for reliving stress and tension.  It helps to loosen tight muscles, and alleviates joint problems for increased physical mobility.  Helps with emotional, mental, and physical energy blocks.  This frequency acts “like a blaster”: if it’s not supposed to be there, it’ll move through.


MI – 528 Hz – C  ( Solar Plexus Chakra )

Even though it resonates with the power center, this is the frequency of love.  This frequency brings about transformation and miracles in a person’s life by restructuring the DNA back to its perfect state.  This frequency deals with issues of the power center, and can be used in intention and programming one’s life in ways the other frequencies cannot.  Very good for anxirty, pain relief, weight loss, and to reprogram the brain.


FA – 639 Hz – D #  ( Heart Chakra )

This frequency is deep and profound. It helps create space for surrender and healing.  It is connected with intimacy and vulnerability which serve as the foundation for healthy relationships and inter-connectivity.


SOL – 741 Hz – F # ( Throat Chakra )

This frequency deals with areas of empowerment, speaking one’s truth, and self-confidence.  It cleans the cells of toxins and electromagnetic radiation. This frequency is helpful for generating ideas, clear speaking, creative thinking, and increasing self-confidence.


LA – 852 Hz – G #   ( Third Eye Chakra )

This frequency helps one reconnect with their spiritual order.  It cuts through illusions, helping one see themselves and their environment with clarity.  It is an excellent frequency for deep dreams, astral projections, connecting with spirits on the other side, as well as connecting authentically with one’s physical surroundings.


SI – 963 Hz – B   ( Crown Chakra )

This frequency encompasses all the qualities of the 852 Hz frequency, as well as helps one connect with angels, and the higher realms and dimensions.  It assists one in contacing ascended masters, angels, the higher self, and spiritual channeling.  It assists in creating a strong ethereal connection.