Frequency Based Coaching


Journey to wellness with a one-on-one sessions paired with a custom created frequency-minded download. Connect with the power of sacred sound created to specifically target your personal needs.


I would consider it my privilege to guide you in using frequency as a tool for personal transformation.

I am available for 30 minute one on one sessions in which we discuss your personal needs and goals. Based on our collaboration, I then create a 30-45 minute compilation digital download of Listening to Smile frequency-minded tracks to address areas targeted specifically toward you.

I work with you to recommend frequency of use and techniques for maximizing benefit and do a brief follow-up within a week.

The all inclusive fee for this service is $75.

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– Ian



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Listening to Smile is a unique sound wellness/healing modality developed by Ian Morris. Ian is a multi-instrumentalist, artist, and intuitive healer who has been working in the creative arts field for over 15 years. He has developed an intuition-based creative and musical synergy that are the building blocks for the development of Listening to Smile. Listening to Smile’s focus is to use the power of sound and vibration to target core issues in the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies, restoring personal balance and flow into everyday life. These channeled tones include frequencies based around Solfeggio Harmonics and Schumann resonances woven with Listening to Smile’s proprietary blends of groundbreaking sound technology.


Samples of Listening to Smile’s sound healing tracks





Are you interested in using Listening to Smile’s meditation music and tones with clients, during classes, workshops, online videos, or as background music in your facility? Wonderful! Click here to learn how to gain our permission to use. We have established a choice of programs to allow you to use our music without copyright infringement.