Frequency Toolbox for Holistic Practitioners

The Frequency Toolbox is a core set of frequency tracks specifically designed for practitioners to use with clients in tandem with other healing service modalities (e.g., during massage, Reiki, chiropractic treatments, coaching sessions, etc).

The core toolbox includes four fundamental tracks custom designed by Listening to Smile, each 20 minutes in length:

Mixed specifically for headphone use, these powerful sound tracks were specifically designed around the ancient healing potentials of sacred frequencies to target core intents and Chakras. More detailed instructions for maximizing effects are provided upon purchase.

Participation in this program allows license to use Listening to Smile’s custom, proprietary tones in this toolbox free of copyright infringement with clients.

Upgrades to the core toolbox are available as a means of customizing your frequency library.

Introductory price for the core frequency toolbox is 3 payments of $100/ totaling $300, payable in 3 months. Or you may receive a discount and pay with one easy payment of $275. This fee gives you the downloadable tracks and the rights to use and resale with unlimited clients. Upgrade frequency tracks are available for an additional fee to expand your frequency resource library.



Please Note: Listening to Smile’s Frequency Toolbox for Holistic Practitioners and all subsequent toolbox upgrades are not intended to be a substitute for medical care. Headphone play is recommended for maximum effectiveness and these tracks should not be utilized while driving or operating heavy machinery.  All copyrights reserved. Terms of distribution and resale apply as indicated.