Music Licensing Program

Thank you for understanding and respecting the intellectual and creative property of Listening to Smile. We offer 4 programs which allow ongoing access and usage of our music with the general public without copyright infringement. Under these programs you may use our music as defined, however you may not copy and resell unless otherwise specified in the program. You may cancel participation in any of these programs and are asked to cease public use of our music if you do so. Thank you again for your understanding and compliance. We are happy to answer any questions or provide further clarification. Choose a program that matches your needs!


  1. Sonic Meditation Affiliate Our Affiliates host monthly meditations at various locations, internationally. Affiliates are listed in our directory and are allowed to directly market sound immersion meditations branded as Listening to Smile’s “Sonic Meditations”. Affiliates have permission to use any of the Listening to Smile Sonic Meditation CD’s in the capacities described above.  Click here to learn more about joining our team as an Affiliate.
  2. CD Resale Program– As long as you are participating in our CD resale program with the minimum monthly purchase requirement, you may use any of the Listening to Smile Sonic Meditation CD’s that you have purchased in the capacities described above. You may not adverstise as providing “Sonic Meditations,” that specific sound immersion experience is reserved for our Affiliate program . You may advertise stating you are using frequency-minded music created by Listening to Smile. Click here to learn more about participating in our CD Resale Program.
  3.  Frequency Toolbox for Holistic Practitioners– Practitioners can purchase a core set of tones and frequencies specifically designed for use with clients in tandem with other healing service modalities. Mixed specifically for headphone use, these powerful sound tracks were specifically designed around the ancient healing potential of sacred frequencies to target core intents. Participation in this program allows license to use Listening to Smile’s custom, proprietary tones free of copyright infringement with clients. Upgrades to the core toolbox are available as a means of customizing your frequency library. This program allows for tone use only, not Sonic Meditation CD’s. Click here to learn more.


Thank you again for your support! It is your support that allows the continuation of this work to which we feel called. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to sign up today for one of our programs!: