Sonic Meditation CD Resale Program

Sonic Meditation CD Resale Program is perfect for:
holistic practitioner
Yoga studio
Meditation group
Life coach


What do you get?

Each month Listening to Smile creates new frequency minded music that is used in groups all over the world from australia to california. This music is composed with the intention of creating results and challenging the listener. We incorporate many different genres of music and various styles of instrumentation to create a wave of energy that will be both peaceful and transformational.

We had the privledge of working closely with Astrologer, Timothy Halloron, of Rasa Lila Healing, out of Savannah, Georgia. Our goal was to further align our themes and CD frequencies to the direction and greatest needs of the collective consciousness by working in tandem with monthly astrological events and universal energies. In turn, our monthly Sonic Meditations will be created with frequency selections with the potential to best assist in integrating the current cosmic conditions and maximizing the divine flow for growth and evolution set forth by the markers of our greater cosmos.
A detailed description of the monthly album, frequencies used, and a guided meditation template is included with each month’s purchase.

This purchase provides the proper licensing permissions to use the music in class and workshop settings.However you may not host Listening to Smile Sonic Meditations without becoming a Sonic Meditation affiliate Click here to learn more


Click here for Samples of the Sonic Meditations 

 Album outlines
First track will typically be a mood track made for movement-based classes, etc. It will also be used to set the tone and dynamic for the rest of the album. Typically, the rest of the tracks on our sonic meditation albums are designed to downshift mood and brainwave activity to provide a safe and relaxing environment for your personal journey and soul work. Each album will have 3 to 6 tracks and run time will be 40 to 50 mins Depending on the month, there may be a drum track in closing.

This depends on the astrological energies, themes, the chakra systems that we are targeting, and the over all mood we are hoping to achieve.

Albums come in download card form (cardstock and professionally printed)


order info:

If you would like to order Sonic Meditation CD download cards for resale, please allow 2 weeks for first delivery. Subsequent deliveries will arrive by the 1st of each month, with the charge occurring on the 15th of the preceding month. Purchase price is $3 per CD download with a suggested retail of $10 per CD download. (When purchased in a 3 month block)


Instructions for purchase:

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