Sonic Meditations

A Sonic Meditation is a visceral, Shamanic-like journey designed to target the energy centers within your body. A speaker system is used to create a profound sensory experience elicited by sacred tones and frequencies used within the music and vocals of each meditation. You will feel the music move through you in the form of vibration. Each meditation experience is unique as is each participant’s reaction to the experience. The music will be played at a moderate, yet safe level. If you are feeling uncomfortable, we invite you to request ear plugs or quietly remove yourself from the room at your discretion. As with other wellness practices, such as yoga, you have the choice to allow a surrender to the practice and stillness. As you enter this space, you may experience a variety of emotions, thoughts, or sensations. Some may be very pleasant and others may represent a confronting of stagnant energy for release. Relax and participate as fully as you are willing. Quiet reflection and drinking adequate water (hydration) is recommended afterwards.



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Ian’s musical compositions are considered deep heart openers. His custom Sonic Meditation frequencies are based on the Solfeggio scale, Schumann resonances, and pure tones. Participants report experiencing renewed peace and even profound mental, emotional and physical transformation.

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“One of the only activities that activates, stimulates, and uses the entire brain is music.”

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Reported benefits:

-relaxation (immediate as well as long-term anxiety disorders)

-re connection

–mood stabilization

-chakra balancing

–stress reduction/release (helps with sleep induction)

-improved focus  and memory (individuals with ADD/ADHD/Learning Disabilities)

–creative expression

-physical body improvements (muscle and body tissue, hormones, pain reduction)

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(All sound meditation CD’s are created by Ian Morris who owns sole copyright. They are for individual use only. Permission for use in group settings not conducted by Ian Morris must be obtained. Click here for more information on becoming an authorized Listening to Smile Sonic Meditation Outreach Provider).


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