a testimonial from Tenille Bentley on the music of listening …

A testimonial from Tenille Bentley about Listening To Smile. Tenille Bentley is an internationally award winning transformative speaker and author, consciousness elevator teaching the modalities of the conscious business leader through her programs, workshops and events whilst travelling the world stages pursuing her journey to be of service to the human family. www.tenillebentley.com/

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Kim Balstad of the Aum Nation giving her testimony for LTS

Thank you to Kim Balstad, Founder of Aum Nation for her wonderful review of Sleepy Solfeggio Vol 1! This 5 track frequency-minded CD, created and produced by Listening to Smile, will lull you to dream state while you benefit from the sacred healing potentials intrinsic to the solfeggio frequencies. To learn more about the power of sound healing, Sleepy Solfeggio Vol 1, and to purchase this and other frequency-minded meditations visit www.ListeningToSmile.com Thank you for your support.

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Check out this testimonial from William Brown (SC) about his experience with the Sonic Meditations and music of Ian Morris of Listening to Smile

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Testimonial video by Deb Macintyre

Check out this testimonial video from Deb Macintyre about the music of Ian Morris and his work with Listening to Smile! Deb MacintyreShaman, Seer and Transformational Life Coach. Deb is also a Social Entrepreneur, Spiritual Teacher, Writer and Speaker. Deb Macintyre was born in Calcutta, India and raised in Western Australia. She has over 20 years coaching and mentoring experience working in the corporate, private and not-for-profit sectors.Deb is unique as a Transformational Life Coach, incorporating her corporate business background with human psychology and organizational behavior. Together with anthropology, neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Combining eastern yogic philosophy and her history as a Shaman and Seer.http://www.debmacintyre.com/

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Sonic Meditation – Listening to Smile

Check out this video testimonial about our Sonic Meditation from Zach Trull of Greenville,SC #listeningtosmile

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CD’S Wellness Series



Sleepy Solfeggio Vol. 1 (Wellness Series) Buy your copy here

Based around the ancient 9 tone Solfeggio scale, Ian beautifully layers sacred vocals, chants, and soundscapes over each frequency; creating an intuitive blend of healing harmonics. Each track represents an individual frequency of the Solfeggio scale, with the final track being a blend of all 9. Sleepy Solfeggio Volume I is over an hour of sound immersion focused on the first five frequencies of the Solfeggio scale:

Track 1 174 Hz – Reduce pain

Track 2 285 Hz – Influence energy fields

Track 3 396 Hz – Turn grief into joy

Track 4 417 Hz – Facilitate change

Track 5 528 Hz– Transformation & miracles



Ekāśma Dās (CA)  (Vedic monk)

“Science and the sacred reveal that sound gives rise to substance. Ancient yoga texts explain that the places we live, the food we eat, and the sounds we listen to come in 3 main flavors which affect consciousness: goodness, passion, and ignorance. Sounds in goodness produce knowledge, happiness, and tranquility; qualities which are considered a springboard for Transcendence. Ian Morris’ soundscapes incorporate elements of Gregorian chants to cultivate an auroral ambience which leaves you feeling uplifted and refreshed.”


Kim Balstad (TX)   (The Aum Nation)

I have already found this CD(Sleepy Solfeggio Vol. 1) to be energetically beneficial! I have listened it for the last two nights as I fall asleep and I have slept better than I have in months. Thank you Ian Morris

Ashlei Gamble (SC) (Sapphire world)

My experience while listening to Sleepy Solfeggio Vol. 1, by Ian Morris, as I slept was quite calming and relaxing.  I have been practicing waking up and saying positive affirmations in the morning to put my feet on the right track each day.  After a couple of days, miraculously, I’ve noticed my head has been clearer and I feel way more rested than usual.  According to the Solfeggio scale, there are special frequencies that help us reach higher levels of consciousness.  For instance: 528 Hz is said to be the miracle frequency, which helps repair DNA and facilitate change.In my opinion, the Cd was very well put together! It put me in a nice awakening dream state


Christopher SELOMON Closson (MD) (Project Bring Me to Life)

The instant I turn on the Sleepy Solfeggio Vol. 1 CD and put my headphones in, my vibration is lifted and all my problems,melt away. The mix of the ancient frequencies, vocal toning and ambient background noise blend together in the most organic way to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that is also uplifting to the spirit. Listening to this CD is like taking the most refreshing shower in the most magical waterfall. My soul is cleansed and healed and all I have to do is listen.



Suzanne Riccioli, (MA) (vitality energy healing)

The music available through Listening To Smile is multidimensional in both the literal and figurative sense. It can be appreciated for the harmonious work of art that it is, regardless of circumstance; or it can assist you in reaching other levels that due to outside (& inner) scenarios, you could not reach on your own. I can put on sleepy solfeggio whilst ready for bed and appreciate the melody and tones. It’s impossible not to. That being said; I can be in an undesired frame of mind or physical state, and put on sleepy solfeggio, and it brings me to a place of comfort. It is in that place that I’m able to appreciate my own melody. Ian’s music doesn’t work for you. It works with you. Without prejudice. It meets you where you’re at, either bringing you where you need to go, or already being there with you. It inspires healing. Or compliments it. There’s no guided route. Just a cleared path of your own making. It’s the soundtrack of the heart. The heart upgrade track, for example, it’s rhythm becomes one with your own. There’s no quick fixes; however it’s a tool to do it yourself. An energy renovation. And celebration. Listen. The smile will come.”


Michelle Hamel (Charleston,SC) (Michelle Hamel Art)

Congrats to Ian Morris for the phenomenal job he did in creating this 5-track album! I’ve listened to each track several times – I can’t get enough of the music! Each is so different and they all have so many layers in them. I find them to be very subliminal and healing with the different Hz. I highly recommend this album to everyone who is looking for some music that contains substance on a subconscious level. Wonderful!






Sound Table Sessions



Thank you! The work you are doing is really amazing and I admire you for doing it. You guys are charging full force. You are true warriors! –  Stephanie Keenan

NBC’s Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge Season 1 Contestant, Navy Nuclear Engineer turned Fitness Entrepreneur, Author, Published Fitness Model, Athlete & Host.






Dan Lotti

(Lead singer, Guitar of Dangermuffin)


“When Ian and I first met, we immediately hit it off; here was a wise person who had healed himself through sound; that alone seems to have launched him on a journey into the potential game changing health benefits that specific frequencies may have on the body and the mind.

Consider that everything is of a frequency; that all vibrates, and that this is the source of life itself; with these familiar and known frequencies, Ian has established a practice that is truly limitless.

In my recent brief experience with the tones, I felt unique sensations through the body and mind; rolling out the blockages and creating subtle detoxification symptoms.  That next evening I slept fantastically, and the next few days I felt nourished, healthy, and focused.

It’s one thing for someone to make something up, some new fad, etc; but where there is ancient understanding, based on lineage, we should be paying attention.  These healing modalities have been known about for some time, they are essential understanding when dealing with universal constants and have done so for millennia; we have simply forgotten.  What better way than to connect with the purest of frequencies- the music of the spheres.”

So bring it back Ian!  Rock on man.”



11021220_10203484740547842_7151432129811751496_nAnnie Elie

(singer-songwriter, musician, praise + worship leader, reiki practitioner)

“After experiencing a sound table session I feel lighter and uplifted. As a singer-songwriter and musician, I am very susceptible to sounds so I was interested to see which end of the spectrum I landed on upon finishing our session. Luckily for me, I ended up on the more energizing, healing, and vitality-driven side. Ian was informative, kind, and worked with ease as Leah and her comforting presence simultaneously performed reiki. I absolutely love the fact that they have paired these two healing practices together and integrated them as one for a more balanced approach. ‘Hypnotic and healing’ are two words I would use to describe this experience best for me. If you’re interested in a holistic and intriguing method to promote healing within and without, then I highly suggest receiving a sound healing session from Listening to Smile.”- Annie Elie




Alexandra Seaman

(is a rebel yogini from Charleston, SC. She specializes in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation)

When I arrived for sound healing with Ian, I had no idea what to expect. I wanted to tell him about my problems, ask him about the grief in my left lung and if we could use the sound to penetrate it, but before I spoke he shared the set that he’d chosen for me. It was a musical set for integrating the physical and energetic bodies, and then for opening the heart. It was exactly what I needed.

What this told me – his ability to intuit what I needed without my having to speak a word – was that Ian is working in integrity. I trusted the process. And the actual experience of sound, so COOL!

I felt alive. I felt excited. It was beautiful to listen to. The feeling of the sound underneath my body brought me into the present moment. And I left with a profound sense of joy and a restored sense of faith in myself, my path and our collective destiny.

Try it out. It …. ROCKS!