The Heart of Healing Challenge: A Transformational Journey Through Sound




Online Journey: You. Your Heart. In the Comfort of Your Home.

September 9th – 19th 2017

10 day committed journey into your heart using the power of vibration.

10 minutes a day of a different profound heart opening frequency meditation.





Listening to Smile invites you to discover for yourself the holistic healing power of frequency-minded music.

Give yourself the gift of heart healing and transformation through the power of sound and focused, committed intention.

Receive a daily email guiding you through the Heart Healing Challenge, with  a different free corresponding meditation track each day, for 10 consecutive days.

Each day will invite you to progress deeper to matters of the heart. Open yourself to the transformative and sacred wellness and allow the healing potentials of sound and vibration.

Release to the transformation of heart. Learn more as you journey.


Please Note: Music by Listening to Smile is not intended to be a substitute for medical care. Headphone play is recommended for maximum effectiveness and these tracks should not be utilized while driving or operating heavy machinery. All copyrights reserved.