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Mindfulness, Sound Healing, and Science Come Together as ONE.

We are a unique sound healing company creating music that heals utilizing sacred frequencies and doing our work in a way that contributes to a more beautiful world.

Our goal is to support emotional and physical wellness and at the same time offer an alternative model for how music is produced, distributed and sold, one that is rooted in valuing the creative process and valuing each other.

Our Frequency Minded Music is composed using Chakra Frequencies, Planetary Frequencies, Schumann Resonances, and the Solfeggio Frequencies. We offer many different styles, genres, and tempos of music suitable for meditation, sound immersions, diverse forms of counseling, therapy, and yoga.

Our music targets the energy centers of the body and supports brain wave states that help restore balance to both mind and body. When the mind can be taken into a state of deep relaxation, the body is then able to follow; releasing the mental, emotional and physical stress that has built up over long periods of time.  Immersion in this level of relaxation offers such deep healing potential. The goal of our Frequency Minded Music is to help facilitate access to these states, contributing to a process of long term healing, as well as more immediate experiences of peace and wellbeing.

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Healing, Creativity and Collaboration!
We're More than Just Music...

We create our music in a way that is infused with healing intentions, carefully crafted, exclusive design and production, mindful awareness, and of course love from start to finish. These values guide not only how we compose our music, but also how we distribute and licence it and how we invite others to become part of our community. We want to be part of creating change and healing not just for individual people but also in the wider society by finding new and more heart-centered ways to do business that benefits everyone involved.

We create our music on a monthly basis informed by astrological patterns and world events. For Ian, our Sound Alchemist, this process is a ritual. Before he begins composing his music, he begins every session with meditation and as he is in the creation process he infuses Reiki into the specific keys or strings and therefore the notes as he writes the music tracks. Real love and care is going directly into the music, this passes on to you or your clients when you use or work with our tracks and albums. Much the same way as a small scale organic farmer invests love and care into growing food which then nourishes the bodies of those who eat it. This isn't the way we are generally encouraged to view the products we use and consume but our world is a metaphysical one and the intention held when we create something for others has great power!

Our Frequency Minded Music is therapeutic and a healing treatment option for many conditions. Here are just some of the ways you can use our music. From personal use at home, to utilizing it in your business. We also can create customized plans for your needs, just ask us!

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Sound Healing at Home

For many people our music offers a path to states that they struggle to access in standard meditation. Develop your own meditation and healing practice with our frequency minded music tracks. These albums are made to be used at home for mood based listening and compiled for the purpose of healing, release, relaxation, and balance. You can also get started with the help of our Personal Frequency Coaching.  


Meditation Affiliate

Our partner program adds value to your clients and revenue to your business. Ours is a unique and diverse licensing opportunity and by taking part you can feel fully aligned in supporting creative work and ethical business practices. This is a unique and diverse opportunity unmatched anywhere in the world today. Add our Frequency Minded Music to your holistic offerings, yoga classes, yoga or holistic videos, retreats, workshops, coaching sessions, hypnotherapy, counseling/therapy, and many more. 


Corporate Wellness

Our mindfulness program is a great investment for supporting your employees in their mental, emotional and physical health. From small businesses to corporate giants, every company that invests in mindfulness programs for their employees sees undeniable results.


Integrative Medicine

Programming for progressive medical practices and hospitals to support existing counseling, pain management, addiction, pre and post op, cancer protocols, anxiety, PTSD, learning disabilities, and autism just to name a few.
A customized program will be designed that can be easily incorporated into already existing programs.

Generate More Excitement, Engagement, and Revenue in Your Business

Music is an extremely important tool in the work of many healers, yoga teachers and therapists. Yet many are not aware of the laws and systems operating when using music in this way. We work with you to raise awareness of these issues and offer a system for aligning more fully with your guiding values in how you use music in your business. In this way you can be fully in alignment with your values, while also supporting your clients towards their healing goals.

Music touches everyone and your support of a more ethical licensing system is also a mode of mindfulness. At Listening to Smile being conscious of our choices and actions, living the values that we preach, and inviting others to embody these values by supporting us, is a core part of our work.
Our goal is to be a force for positive shifts in society and in how we, as a whole, view, experience, and use music. This is the wider healing that we aim to be a part of. Music is certainly one of the greatest creations of mankind. It is creativity in its most pure and undiluted form. Given this, we see our vision as something powerful and we invite you to be part of this with us.

How Yoga and Frequency Helped Our Co-Founder Heal

The immersion of mind and body in states of relaxation offers deep healing potential. Listening to Smile can be integrated into, and combined with, many existing modalities to help enhance and fuel the power of healing. Dana experienced dramatic progress after many months of frustration in her own healing process and many of those who use or have experienced our music share similar experiences. "This is where the body and the mind sync up. This is where true healing takes place and LTS music can get you there." -Dana Kato, E-RYT200, Co-Founder


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Personal Frequency Coaching Sessions

One on One Sessions to Address Your Personal Goals with Frequency

Personal Frequency Coaching is perfect for those familiarizing themselves with sound healing.  It is also perfect for those that are ready to take their healing to whole new level!  Our sessions are customized specifically for you and the areas of targeted focus you wish to work on. We utilize Solfeggio frequencies, Schumann resonances, Planetary frequencies, Chakra frequencies, and Channeled frequencies during the sessions.

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Did you know....

Did you know that it is illegal and a violation of copyright law to play CDs, iPod, Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming services for your yoga classes, workshops, retreats, private sessions, and live events if you do not obtain the proper music licensing. Your personal subscription to these services does not give you the proper permissions.

Our Affiliates have the proper permissions and music license to host these events with our music, they receive resale, advertising, and promotional privileges as well.

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