How Nature Saved My Life 432Hz

Blog and Photographs By: Dana Kato


Nature is a healing gift from the universe. 

It’s medicine for our souls.  




Before we dive into this blog, I want to invite you to step outside right now in this very moment and truly see nature.  Take a deep, full breath and feel it.  Let nature get into your being and vibrate new life into each and every cell. 


Now that we are all on the same page, let me tell you that nature has held a special place in my life ever since I was a child.  I found the woods and they saved me.  My prayer is that you will find inspiration in this blog to discover nature in your own spiritual journey as a vital means for self-discovery and everyday mindfulness.


The Pennsylvania woods rescued me from the darkness I felt in my life. Nature helped to bring peace to my mind and heart when I had lost all hope.  To this day, I still find a healing like no other beneath the canopy of these trees. For years I struggled with extreme anxiety and bouts of depression. I felt hopeless in the traditional suggestions for combating my symptoms.  As far back as I can remember, I was constantly in the woods.  I would sit for hours in a tree, or laying in the grass staring at the clouds.  I didn’t know it then, but I have come to understand that it was Earth's energy field and grounding vibrations that I craved.  It calmed me down and helped me to feel like I was home and safe.  This feeling is still essential for my mental and spiritual well-being every single day.  


As I have grown older I have learned to utilize the woods and the elements in nature to heal all aspects of my being. Journeying through the woods and taking hiking adventures with my dogs, has taught me so much about myself and who I am.  It has awakened parts of myself and challenged me in many ways, which ultimately helped me to see clearly the things that were difficult to face.


We are learning more and more about the healing effects of nature. Each time I sign on to Facebook these days, I am consistently seeing new articles about the scientific research coming out about how nature is healing to the body and mind.  However, I believe when you step out and experience her magnificence for yourself, you will be taken to a whole other level of understanding.  


There are so many elements of nature that I have experienced,  it’s difficult to know where to begin.  Overall, I know that I can literally feel the difference in my body and mind.  When I get out into nature, it’s like a veil of white light washes over me and clears my mind, rejuvenates my energy, and calms my cells and tense areas of my body.  I believe that there is a healing energy (prana) and a healing frequency within each tree, rock, dirt, insect, animal, plant, and water.  We can all feel it on a sunny, beautiful day!  Our mood shifts to an uplifted state, our energy increases, and we may even feel more motivated or positive. 


Some sound healers compare this feeling that I am describing to the frequency of 432 Hz.  This frequency is called the frequency of nature.  It resonates a calm, grounding energy. 


Animals and plants tune themselves to this frequency of the Earth.  They are in sync with the entrainment and pulse of the Earth.  This brings about balance and harmony in all elements within nature. We can learn so much from observing nature.  Personally, it has helped me become more introspective to listening to what my natural self needs and wants in order to work towards the optimum state of being.  


One way of working with this frequency is to listen to the 432 Hz frequency as a pure tone or frequency minded music with headphones. Our minds are bogged down with so many other frequencies in the world like, Wi-Fi, TV, radio, cell phones, etc. it may not be easy for us to fall into the grounding feeling of this frequency (432Hz), but after listening a few times, a sense of calm and grounding will take place


The mind will start to get in sync with the tone.  Your mind will start to crave this feeling.  Its natural state of being.  If you continue to meditate with this frequency, you may find yourself questioning things about your life/lifestyle or how you have been choosing to live.  Please don’t be alarmed by this.  It’s part of the process of coming back to your home base, back into balance.  Allow the energy to flow rather than resisting the shift. 



Nature is a powerful tool for me in my life, and my hope is it will become one in your life as well!  There’s no rules or proper ways to do it,  Just give it a try and find what works for you! Find YOUR space!  Find YOUR saving grace!


For the times that you cannot get outside, I have included a track from the Listening to Smile Album Sacred Frequencies Series: 432Hz Meditaitons called That Which Is Sacred.  It is at the bottom of this page.  

I know that this track can work wonders for you and help with so many different areas of life.  Please give it a try and let me know what you think! 



NOTE:  All of the nature samples used in Listening to Smile tracks, I have recorded on my hikes in the forest.  We have incorporated sounds from all seasons!  From footsteps in the snow, to rain storms, crickets, birds, frogs, wind whistling, they are all real healing energies!  I am so proud and excited about this, because I am able to not only capture the healing energies of nature on my hikes, but also set an intention behind it while I am recording it.  The focus of the intention may shift, but always centers on healing and happiness for our listeners.  I hope that you feel this energy the next time you listen to our tracks!  It would make me so happy!  This is just one more thing that makes our music unique and truly transformational!  



Thank you for reading and allowing me to share a piece of my world with you.

Peace to all…