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Candle Meditation (Trataka) - 852Hz

Blog by: Dana Kato

This is a yogic practice to tap into your inner radiance. Trataka is defined as “looking intently with an unwavering gaze at a small point until tears are shed.” This practice is used to activate the pineal gland and third eye. It is also known to help with concentration, focus, and memory as well as promoting strong and healthy eyes. The overall outcome will be calming while dropping you into a deep state of meditation, opening your intuition and conscious awareness.

If you would like to intensify this practice, I invite you to check out the 852Hz track off of the Chakra Tune Up Album.  Listen to the track (headphones recommended-makes it amazing) during this meditation to help enhance and fuel your intentions and experiences.   

Before you begin, find a quiet, dark room that is warm and feels safe to you. Take a seat on a comfy cushion, pillow, or blanket, whatever you have available. This can be on the floor or a chair. Place a candle at eye level about 2-3Ft in front of you. Relax and allow yourself to sink into this meditation for the next several minutes. 


1. Take a few moments and close your eyes. Connect with your senses. Feel the space around you, smell the scents in the room, hear the sounds, swallow a few times to bring awareness to the taste and sensations in your mouth. Connect with your core self through the senses. Take your time. Come into the breath. Take a deep inhale. Exhale out completely. Inhale. Breathe it all out. Another inhale… slowly empty the lungs.


2. Now draw your senses into the middle of your forehead, the third eye. This is the point of spiritual realizations. Focus here. Breathe. Take all energies and send them to this central area between the eyebrows.


3. With the eyes open and a soft gaze, focus deeply into the candle flame, right in the middle of the flame above the wick. Try not to blink unless necessary. Observe the breath and the thoughts that come and go. Do not judge or attach to the thoughts, use the breath to let them pass by.


4. When you are ready to blink, or your eyes begin to water, gently close the eyes. Do not rub the eyes or wipe away the tears, let them fall as they are removing things from the body that are not needed, emotional and physical. With the eyes closed, turn the gaze up to the third eye point right between the eyebrows. You will see the image of the flame on this inner screen with the eyes closed. Focus on this image and try to keep it placed at the third eye point, if it moves or sways, continue to bring it back to this point on the forehead. Continue to hold onto the image of the flame for as long as possible.


5. When you are ready, take a deep breath in and open the eyes. Follow the flow of the breath as you sit quietly for a few moments or even lay down if you need to as you take in all that might have come up during this meditation. You can also continue with your regular meditation practice after this practice is complete.


This meditation has been known to help with anxiety and depression and sleep issues by balancing the nervous system.  It stimulates the third eye chakra, bringing forth inner vision and clarity. Please give this practice a try, and feel free to journal afterwards writing down anything and everything that comes out without judgement or hesitation.  You may find that this is a release for you, removing impurities of the mind, or that it opens you up to a vast awareness of life. 

I would love to hear how your practice goes! Please feel free to let me know by emailing me any questions or comments: