Heart Chakra Meditation:
Using 639Hz and a Rose -

For Releasing Trauma
and Blocks to Self-Compassion

A Blog by Dana Kato

This meditation is for connecting with your heart chakra, nourishing self-love and compassion, and awakening the divinity within your core self. The main goal is to establish a flow of energy that allows for the release and surrender of any blocks or holds that may be surrounding the heart center so that love can flow more freely. This meditation will also help to get you in touch with the heart chakra if you are not used to connecting to this part of yourself or if you are suffering from any emotional trauma or pain around the heart that may be numbing out any feelings regarding this vital part of our spiritual, emotional, and physical space in the body.

Please know that it is common to feel emotions come up during this meditation that range from sadness, anger, pain, joy, or laughter, as well as, suppressed memories or sensations. Try your best to allow whatever comes up to be. Sit with the emotions, memories, thoughts, or streams of consciousness as nonjudgmentally as you can. The way out of pain and trauma and heartache … is through!

So with this in mind, please set an intention of loving compassion and no expectations.   

Find a space where you feel comfortable and safe. Make sure that it is quiet and distraction free as much as possible. Bring in some candles or essential oils and whatever you need to feel warm and comfy such as a blanket, a bolster or pillow to sit on.  At the bottom of this page, you will find the track a 638Hz Heart Chakra Track.   Playing this track with headphones, will help to enhance this meditation as it uses the frequency 639Hz, the frequency for stimulating the heart chakra. Read through this meditation before you begin so that you know how to practice it without having to keep looking at the text on this page.  This way you can be completely immersed in the meditation with the music.

We will be focusing our attention on a single rose. This practice is known to help stimulate the heart chakra. You may also choose from a carnation, orchid, or hibiscus flower, however I really find the rose most amazing because of the aroma and scent that roses give off, which helps to awaken the senses and enliven the heart chakra. It is said to help balance the heart and calm your emotions. The scent helps to draw you into the present moment. Once you are done with the meditation, keep the rose in a place that you frequent. This will help to remind you of the opening, connecting, and release work that this meditation has provided for you. Use this as a reminder to nourish your heart center and take care of yourself because you are worth it and you matter!

      1. Purchase a rose from a florist, grocery store, or anywhere you can find one. Place it in a vase at eye level near your meditation space. Get comfy in whatever position works for you, sitting on the bolster or pillow on the floor, or a chair. Place your headphones in and press play on the track on the bottom of this post and get ready to sink into this healing practice.


      1. Take a few moments and connect with your breath. Shake off any stress or tension from your day. Softly roll out the neck by rocking the head from side to side or in circles. Shrug the shoulders a few times to surrender the day.


      1. Take a few inhales and exhales, beginning to slow down your breathing to a nice even flow. Take a deep inhale and at the top pause and then slowly exhale and pause at the bottom of the exhale. And again just like that…. Continuing to get into the body and out of the monkey mind!


      1. Slowly and softly open the eyes. Notice the rose in front of you. Try to look at it as though you don’t know what it is, or you have never seen one before. Examine it from a new perspective. Be an observer. Take in the rose in all ways…. Breathe in its unique and beautiful aroma.  Let it fill up your lungs and bring in a sense of calm and soothing energy into your vibrational state. Touch the petals or leaves. Notice the softness and textures.


      1. Now close your eyes and see the rose in your mind’s eye. Recreate it. Remember the way it felt and breath in its scent again bringing attention to your emotions and allowing the rose to calm and center your heart. Take as much time as you need right here, right now in this moment to let anything that needs to come up be released out of the body and heart center. If there are tears, let them flow.  If there is anger, sadness, grief, or joy, know that this is perfectly okay and be still and present with all of your emotions. No judgement. No expectations.


      1. Now rest your hands over your heart center. Feel the warmth and vibrations flowing through your hands to this space. Begin to send loving compassion to yourself. After a while, you will be able to feel a slight humming or vibrating sensation along with the warmth that you are creating from the words and intentions you are sending out. Envision the love that you want to feel and the feeling of being embraced and held. You are worthy of this love, you are worthy of this feeling. You are worthy of feeling whole and connected with the divinity within your true self. Breathe into this. What does this feeling of love look like for you? Allow the energies and feelings to flow and feel the vibration of life right here in this very moment. The rose is a single, simple representation of that life and the magnificence of nature and rebirth. Use this miracle as your fuel for love. Your fuel for forgiveness. Your fuel for allowing your heart to open and be set free.


      1. When you are ready slowly open your eyes and notice your surroundings and the beautiful rose in front of you. Breathe in deep …. And fully exhale the lungs. Repeat. Breathe in deeply…. Exhale completely! Last time, inhale…. Open the mouth and exhale with the sound of ‘Ha.’ Releasing and letting go of any tension or residual effects that might have come up for you during this meditation. Circle out the neck, stretch out the legs, circle the wrist… anything that feels good to you in order to awaken the body and return to the room around you. Hold the love in your heart that you have nurtured and walk back into the world with a sense of compassion and strength, knowing that you are divine!





Thank you for sharing in this meditation with me today! I would love to hear about your experience after you have tried it out. Feel free to email me: dana@listeningtosmile.com.  

Peace to you ..

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