Viparita Karani Legs up the wall yoga pose

Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall Pose)
and 111 HZ Sacred Frequency

Blog Post By: Dana Kato

Viparita = inverted, reversed. Karani = doing, action.


When you are in need of some relaxation make some time (about 5-10 minutes or more) to unplug with this amazing yoga pose. This pose is a restorative, gentle yoga pose that helps the mind unwind and the body release tension and pain in the body especially the legs, feet, and low back. It is considered a mild inversion, so you will get all the good inversion benefits when performing this pose.


It is simple to practice and as long as you have open wall space, it is easy to do anywhere. For me, this pose and its amazing benefits for the body are enhanced and increased exponentially while listening to the track "The Sacred Connection 111Hz" by Listening to Smile with headphones while practicing this pose. I have included the link to the track at the bottom of this blog. Read through the instructions first so that you have an idea of how to practice this pose correctly, so that you can practice it from memory while listening to the track.

Reported Benefits:

  • Eases the mind
  • Balances blood pressure
  •  Relief from symptoms of arthritis, insomnia, and headaches
  • Relief from PMS and Menopause
  • Eases tense feet and legs
  • Stretches the legs, hamstrings, and lower back
  • Relieves back pain
  •  Anxiety
  • Varicose veins
  •  Digestive disorders

What You Will Need to Practice:

  • Yoga Mat or something padded/comfy to lay on
  • (2-3)Blankets to cover up with and to lay under your shoulders
  • A candle, incense, aromatherapy diffuser, or anything to help set a calming atmosphere
  • Headphones and device to play the music link at the bottom of the blog


This pose is known as a restorative, gentle pose, however, please check with your doctor before performing this pose, especially if you are pregnant, have glaucoma, high blood pressure, or severe back problems.


Let’s Begin….


1. Prepare your practice space by placing your yoga mat next to the wall.  Do this by placing the  short end of the yoga mat next to the wall. 


2. Place a blanket (folded into a big square) on your yoga mat, a bit away from the wall so that your shoulders and upper back can rest on it. Have your other blanket nearby in case you              would like to cover your torso and shoulders after we get into the pose.


3. Sit sideways, in an upright position, directly against the wall.  So your hip will rest on the bottom of the wall and your side body will rest on the wall as well.  Take a deep breath in and    exhale.  Do this again, deep inhale, and as you exhale, with ease and gentle exertion, lay down flat on your back as you swing your legs up the wall so that your legs are straight and resting against the wall and your feet are facing the ceiling (making an “L” shape with the body). Don’t worry if this is a little clumsy, no one ever really does this gracefully!   You will need to adjust a little bit once you get your legs up.  So feel free to wiggle or scoot your hips and torso as close as you can to the wall so that your glutes, hamstrings, and feet are as close to resting on the wall as you comfortably can.  The goal is to have them completely against the wall, however, do not force it, go where is comfortable for you.  


 4.   Take a few moments and just notice the body in this position.  Scan the body making sure you feel secure and at rest. Notice the neck.  Try to release up and away from the shoulders.  Release the chin from the sternum, making sure not to crunch the chin down. Lengthen the back of the neck and spine. Release the shoulders down the back, making space between the tops of the shoulders and ears.  If you need more support with the neck, take a small towel and roll it up. Place it under the neck to relax the cervical spine.  Relax the muscles of the legs: the glutes, the hamstrings, and the ankles and allow the feet to release. With each breath try to release the thigh bones closer to the wall and let the hips sink further down.   Let the arms rest by your sides. Take up space around you.  The arms should feel relaxed as you turn the palms up facing the sky.  If at any point you feel tingling in the feet or backs of the legs, bend the knees, bring the soles of the feet together allowing the outer edges of the feet to rest on the wall (butterfly on the wall).


 5.  Place the headphones on and hit play on the track at the bottom of this page (read through these instructions fully at least once, so you can practice this without reading). Now, settle in.  Close the eyes gently.  Release a little deeper.  Let go.  Feel the earth supporting you beneath your yoga mat.  Feel your belly sink towards the back of your spine, and the shoulders melt away from the body a little more.  Breathe deep.  Open the space between the ribs with each new inhale.  Empty the lungs completely on each exhale.  Continue with this breath throughout the entire time you are resting in this pose.  Use the breath to keep you focused and present.  Use the breath to release anything that you don’t want anymore both mentally and physically.  Find calm.  Find peace. Find rest.  Find meditation.


 6.  If you are feeling that you need a little more of a stretch after you have rested here for a few moments, I invite you to release the legs away from each other wide in a “V” shape.  This stretches the inner thighs, hamstrings, and hips.  Continue with the breath. 


 7. Stay in either version of this pose for the length of this song, or even longer.  Most people will sit for 5 to 10 minutes, however, you are welcome to stay longer. 


 8.  Once you are ready to release out of the pose, bring the legs back together if they were apart, and bend the knees and plant the feet on the wall.  Stay here and feel this sensation and notice the body.  Then, slowly allow the knees and upper body to fall to the right side, adjusting as you need to in order to rest your whole body on the floor.  Rest here for a few moments, noticing the body and the mind.  Take a moment to give thanks for your practice today and for your body.  Breathe in deep here, and open the mouth and exhale it out!  Again, just like that…. Then slowly push yourself up to a seat.  Keep the eyes soft or closed.  Take a seat on your yoga mat.  Sit in quiet for a few moments, noticing the way you feel.


 9. Bring your hands to your heart center in prayer pose.  Give thanks!  Bring your thumb tips to your third eye, bow and give thanks to yourself by saying…

The light in me, loves, honors, and respects

the light in you!




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