kirtan kriya meditation

Kirtan Kriya
Primal Sound Mantra

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation with 432Hz

Blog by: Dana Kato

Kirtan Kriya Meditation - for total mental balance and to free the mind of fear, anger, and anxiety.

Currently, we are all experiencing unprecedented times as a global pandemic has uprooted many aspects of our lives. Everyone is facing a flood of emotions from fear, anxiety, stress, depression, and anger. It is almost like an emotional roller coaster, where one day you may feel good and the next day you feel completely the opposite. This is expected and this is okay. It is no wonder that we would feel this way with everything that is going on in the world and in our own lives.

So before we begin, know that you aren’t alone and that we are here to help. Also, know that you are okay, you are having a normal reaction, and try not to judge yourself or put pressure on yourself to be something that you aren’t right now. Allow yourself to just be however you are right now. 

You are divinely protected and there is a divine plan, much bigger than us and much bigger than what we could ever perceive. Trust and know that you are loved and you are protected. Try to surrender and release the need to control everything around you. Realize what you can control and what you can’t and let go and trust.

Trust yourself. Trust the Universe. Trust the process.

Just know that we will get on the other side of it. Try not to let this time to be controlled by the mind. In the end, we will gain such incredible realization and we will have grown in so many areas of our lives.

If you would like to intensify this practice, I invite you to check out the 432Hz track off of the Listening to Smile album Sacred Frequencies Series: 432 Hz Meditations.  Listen to the track below at the bottom of this page, "As Above So Below" (headphones recommended-makes it amazing) during this meditation to help enhance and fuel your intentions and experiences. 432Hz is the frequency of nature.  It is calming and grounding.  It stimulates the heart chakra, releases stress, removes mental blocks, and creates perfect relaxation.  

Before you begin, find a quiet, dark room that is warm and feels safe to you. Take a seat on a comfy cushion, pillow, or blanket, whatever you have available. This can be on the floor or a chair. Relax and allow yourself to sink into this meditation for the next several minutes. 


Primal Sound Mantra

To help bring our mind back in balance and free from anxiety, fear, anger, stress. It is called the primal sound mantra because it consists of the 5 primal sounds of S, T, N, M, and Ah. The actual meaning of these sounds are:

Sa – Birth, beginning
Ta – Life, existence
Na – Death, transformation
Ma- Rebirth,

This mantra symbolizes the circle of life.

Mudra: We will chant the mantra and on each syllable we will touch a different fingertip to our thumb while applying pressure. Each time that the thumb and finger meet it creates an imprint of the effects of that mudra in our consciousness and in our energetic field.

Sa – Chant “SA” and touch the first finger (index) to your thumb. This finger is known as Jupiter and the mudra is known as Gyan Mudra for knowledge and expansiveness.

Ta – Chant “TA” and touch the second finger (middle finger) to your thumb. This finger is known as Saturn and the mudra is known as Shuni Mudra for wisdom and transformation.

Na – Chant “NA” and touch the third finger (ring finger) to the thumb. This finger is known as the Sun and the mudra is known as Surya Mudra for energy and strength.

Ma – Chant “MA” and touch the fourth finger (pinkie finger) to the thumb. This finger is known as the Mercury finger and the mudra is known as the Buddhi mudra for communication.



kirtan kriya meditation 432HZ

Let's Begin!

1. Find a quiet, safe, warm space. Bring with you anything you need to get comfortable - a yoga mat, blanket, pillow to sit on, a candle, incense, or whatever you are compelled to have today during meditation.


2. Find a seat on your yoga mat, blanket, or even a chair keeping your spine straight. Place your hands onto the tops of your knees, on your thighs, or resting beside you on the floor.  Whichever way you choose, please turn your palms up towards the sky. 


3. Close the eyes and begin to go inward. Notice the way that your body feels right now. Scan the body and just notice any sensations, aches or pains, or tension. Hold these places with pure love and compassion. Allowing the sensations to be without judgement or criticism.  Set an intention for your meditation today. Why are you here today?  What do you want to focus on today?  Hold that intention in your mind and in your heart.  Feel it in this present moment as though it is already manifested. 


4. Begin to notice the breath. Take one deep breath in …. And open the mouth and exhale it out. Do that again, 3 more times.


5. Now, let’s get deeper into the breath. Keep the eyes closed. As you breathe in, visualize energy flowing out the top of your head and as you exhale, visualize it going out the third eye point (space between the eyebrows). Continue this breathe… continue this visualization.


6. Continue this breath as we begin the mantra and mudras explained above starting with the thumb and index finger chanting SA. Move through each syllable in a calm, rhythm.


7. Chant in a normal voice out loud for 3-5 minutes. Then chant in a whisper for 3-5 minutes. Finally go deep within and chant to yourself inside for 5- 10 minutes. Then, reverse it… whisper the chant for 3-5 minutes, and then chant out loud for 3-5 minutes. 


8. Feel free to practice this sequence for a few rounds.


9. To end, sit quietly feeling the vibration that you created from chanting and touching the pressure points on your fingers. Just notice and feel.


10. Take a deep breath in. Hold it at the top. Then exhale out completely. One more time just like that… inhale deeply and hold at the top… then exhale out completely.


11. Circle out the head and neck, roll the shoulders up and back. Reach the arms up towards the sky and the legs out in front of you if that’s comfortable. Take several deep breaths.  Full body stretch, just like you were waking up in the morning or from a nap! 


12. Open the eyes and relax.


13. Take a few moments to sit in the vibration and energy that you just created with this meditation. I invite you to journal about any thoughts, visions, colors, symbols, or memories and so forth that came up for you. There may be some things that will come up for you during the next week as well. Stay aware and open.



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