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Mindfulness, Sound Healing, and Science Come Together as ONE.

Listening to Smile is a unique sound healing company developed with the purpose of improving mental, emotional and physical wellness for people of all ages. We achieve this through the use of Frequency Minded Music that is composed utilizing chakra frequencies, planetary frequencies, Schumann resonances, and the Solfeggio frequencies. Along with the frequencies we incorporate many different styles, genres, and tempos of music for meditation, sound immersions, and movement meditations.

Our music targets energy centers of the body and brain waves states to help restore health and balance for the entire body and mind.
The goal of every one of our albums is to help facilitate a more balanced and relaxed state. This will in turn help your body reach a state of homeostasis in order to heal, release, and recover from phsyical, mental, and emotional conditions. 


Sonic Meditation Event

Generate More Excitement, Engagement, and Revenue in Your Business

Listening to Smile works intimately with each and every one of our Affiliates to add additional value and extra income to your wellness practice or studio. Add another dimension of value to your company or practice, find out how.

We're More than Just Music

Our Frequency Minded Music is therapeutic and a healing treatment option for many conditions.

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Personal Use

Step up your personal meditation and mindfulness practice with our frequency minded music tracks! These albums are made to be used at home for mood based listening and compiled for the purpose of healing, release, relaxation, and balance. These albums are not for commercial use! 


Business Affiliate

Our programming adds value and revenue to your business. This is a unique and diverse licensing opportunity unmatched anywhere in the world today. Add our Frequency Minded Music to your holistic offerings, yoga classes, yoga or holistic videos, retreats, workshops, coaching sessions, hypnotherapy, counseling/therapy, and many more. 


Corporate Wellness

Bring our Frequency Minded Music and Mindfulness Program to your office or corporation.
Listening to Smile is looking for companies that qualify to participate in our cutting edge mindfulness program. From small businesses to corporate giants, every company that invests in mindfulness programs for their employees sees undeniable results.


Integrative Medicine

Programming specifically for progressive medical practices and hospitals.
A customized program will be designed that can be easily incorporated into already existing programs such as therapy/counseling, pain management, pre and post op, cancer protocols, anxiety, PTSD, learning disabilities, autism, addiction just to name a few.


Check out our shop for our Frequency Minded Music, Frequency Swag, and More! 

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Personal Frequency Coaching Sessions

One on One Sessions to Address Your Personal Goals with Frequency

Personal Frequency Coaching is perfect for those familiarizing themselves with sound healing.  It is also perfect for those that are ready to take their healing to whole new level!  Our sessions are customized specifically for you and the areas of targeted focus you wish to work on. We utilize Solfeggio frequencies, Schumann resonances, Planetary frequencies, Chakra frequencies, and Channeled frequencies during the sessions.

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Did you know....

Did you know that it is illegal and a violation of copyright law to play CDs, iPod, Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming services for your yoga classes, workshops, retreats, private sessions, and live events if you do not obtain the proper music licensing. Your personal subscription to these services does not give you the proper permissions.

Our Affiliates have the proper permissions and music license to host these events with our music, they receive resale, advertising, and promotional privileges as well.