Meditation with Sacred Frequency

The Benefits are Life Changing

Meditating with Sacred Frequency

Frequency Minded Music and Your Mind

Many of us struggle to make the time for meditation and then when we do make time, we find it difficult to sit still. We hear it all the time when we work with our clients: “I just can’t quiet my mind,” “I just can’t sit for very long.” The illusion is that while you’re meditating, your mind will be empty and quiet. When we meditate (especially when we first start meditating) our mind will be very active, moving from thought to thought like a jumping bean. The issue comes with not being able to sit with these thoughts and feelings. We are so busy every day that we often don’t have to fully listen to the thoughts that run around our minds daily. It actually might be why we stay busy. We sometimes choose to stay busy so that we can distract from our thoughts and feelings.  So when we finally sit to meditate, we hear everything we have been shoving down or ignoring for so long. This can be very overwhelming and quite frankly uncomfortable. Meditation tries to teach us that we are not these thoughts or feelings, however when we begin to meditate for the first time, it can be very difficult to handle.  Ultimately we must learn to allow the thoughts be and detach from them, to sit with the uncomfortable.  

This can be very difficult for most people in today’s world. We have experienced it ourselves.  This is one of the reasons our Founder, Ian Morris, created Frequency Minded Music. You see, at Listening to Smile we teach that “Frequency is the great disrupter.” Frequency disrupts the limiting thoughts, old beliefs, patterns, and the busy mind. It cuts through all non-essential processes and ruminating thoughts in our minds.

Frequency Minded Music works because it starts with delivering a constant, consistent sacred frequency tone throughout the entire music track. Then layered on top of that are healing instruments and tones tuned to the same sacred frequency as the foundational frequency. The constant tone of the frequency being delivered from start to finish helps brainwaves step down to the bare essentials and broadens the awareness of the listeners. It can be related to sitting in the quiet of the storm and being a true observer.

When you meditate with Frequency Minded Music you don’t have to do anything special or extra. By working with the brainwave states of the mind, frequency is able to get you into a meditative state quicker and with ease creating a calm and relaxing state of being. 

When you combine frequency, meditation, breath-work, and intention setting the powerful results you will receive are amplified. These practices help center the mind and keep you focused on the present moment. All of these practices lower tension in the body and allow the body to step into a mode of healing and release. If you are open and willing to be committed to a daily practice, you will see a release in stagnant energies and stuck emotions, and this will open the body up to heal on levels you never imagined. The saying goes…”The issues are in the tissues!” So we need to not only work on the physical body to heal, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual body as well. Often times it is the tension, stress, and stuck emotions/energy that can cause dis-ease and illness in our physical bodies. Incorporating these practices is holistic and all inclusive, so that when you reach your level of healing, it sticks… it lasts. This is where true healing takes place. Listening to Smile can help you get there!

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Benefits of Meditating with Frequency Minded Music

Relieve Brain Fog

More Focus/Clarity

Slows Heart Rate

Lowers Blood Pressure

Relieves Anxiety/Stress/Tension

Increases Creativity

Pain Relief - Physical and Emotional

Plus All the Benefits of Meditation

Meditation with frequency music

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can have an impact on the entire body. Just by starting with a few minutes a day, you will find a positive change in your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.
In our world it's estimated that 350 million people suffer from depression and 40 million suffer from anxiety. Meditation can be a long lasting, consistent treatment option for depression and anxiety. Meditation can decrease overthinking and sabotaging beliefs and thoughts. 

According to a study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, meditation reduces the grey matter density in areas of the brain related with anxiety and stress [].

Also, a study at Harvard expanded on this by showing that meditation increased the grey area in the brain associated with learning, memory, and emotion regulation [].

One of the immediate things you might experience with meditation is how it improves your focus, attention, and ability to work under stress. It doesn't take very much time on a daily basis either, you can start with just 5 minutes a day. This act of controlling the mind gives you mental strength, resilience, and emotional intelligence. It can help us have a clearer mind to process information and better decision making skills. Meditation increases the amounts of gratification (the folding of the cortex in the brain) which research has shown helps with our ability to process information faster.
There are psychical side effects as well that drastically make a difference in our lives. Pain relief has also been a side effect of meditation practice. It can drastically reduce pain intensity and pain unpleasantness. Since meditation helps with stress, it is no wonder that it can help reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. It also can reduce blood pressure and help keep the body in a state of homeostasis.
In today's world we get caught up in the need to be busy and have a tough time letting go of the guilt with taking the time to relax. Meditation helps bring our awareness to our life, our bodies, and mindsets and begins to slow us down enough to notice the here and now. This opens up so many doors for us and allows us to have choices to change and to live more in line with our hearts. 

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Sonic Meditation

Listening to Smile creates new monthly music in the themes of the astrological energies, the social, and political platforms exclusively for our affiliates world wide. The affiliates then share this music with the proper license and permissions in their private one on one sessions, live events, retreats, workshops, and on social media platforms.

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Wellness Series

Frequency minded albums composed with specific targets, needs, and intentions in mind. There are different albums for different needs. We have albums in this series that help facilitate a peaceful state and relieve anxiety, as well as some albums that are more upbeat for movement meditations and yoga.


Binaural Beats

This music is composed for headphone use. These tracks and albums are created with very targeted and specific intentions such as sleep, meditation or focus. This is where science and sound are one.