Evan Lampkin


Evan Lampkin, a Charleston native and musician since the age of seven, thinks that, to be good, music just needs passion and honesty. So, through the years, he’s applied his passion for music in Charleston to everything from symphonies to ska bands.

He is a multi-instrumentalist who is deeply focused on composition. With the help and guidance of Ian Morris, Evan has been able to direct his writing toward a direction of healing.

"I love making music. I love helping people. When I met Ian it was as I if I was meeting myself. The difference being that what one lacks the other makes up for. Having a psychiatrist for a father and a singer as a mother definitely helped clear the path for my journey. Having Ian Morris as a mentor and one of my closest friends helped pave it. I believe that the reason music helps so much in the process of healing is because it’s universal. Everyone has that one note, one beat, one tone that digs all the way to their core. Once you’re there...the possibilities are endless.”