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Stefanie Veon

Stefanie Veon (Pittsburgh, PA)

Massage Therapist, Sound Healer, Energy & Music Alchemist, Chakradance Facilitator, Reiki Master
Founder of Pittsburgh Massage Therapy

Email: musicvibesheal@gmail.com

Website:Health and Wellness with Massage Therapy & Sound and Energy Medicine

Locations:Thrive On Health in Brookline, PA
Natural Health & Wellness on the South Side of Pittsburgh, PA


About Stefanie:


I help YOU take care of your Body Mind & Soul.  I have long followed a life-long passion for natural health and the Healing Arts, and in the process have positively impacted countless clients with a variety of modalities of massage therapy & energy medicine.  

Since 2010 , I have helped clients conquer their health challenges through massage & movement therapy with a holistic approach. I practice my healing therapies at Thrive on Health, a peaceful, balanced, and relaxing space and I work to achieve optimal health through a truly integrative approach to wellness. 

I offer a variety of modalities, focused on customizing therapies for each client by nourishing the mind, body, and spirit, as well as encouraging the body to return to its natural state of harmony and balance.

Contact me for a consultation to discuss a personal program fit to your individual needs.




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Stefanie Veon's Sonic Meditation
Stefanie Veon's Sonic Meditation
Stefanie Veon's Studio

Get To Know Stefanie....

Stefanie is the founder of Pittsburgh Massage Therapy: Offering a wide range of services for healing and release work from massage to sound and movement.   

LTS: Please explain your work.

Stefanie: Massage Therapist, Sound Healer, Energy & Music Alchemist, Chakradance Facilitator, Reiki Master

LTS: How did you first hear about Listening to Smile?

Stefanie: Through an acquaintance two years ago.

LTS: Why did you become a Sonic Meditation Affiliate? What helped you make the final decision?

Stefanie: I knew after the very first conversation that I ever had with Ian, that he had something very special. I was immediately drawn to the music after hearing his own story of healing. I had already been using sound, vibration, energy healing, and movement in my healing sessions. Two years ago I was introduced to Listening to Smile through an acquaintance, at that point I signed up to be an affiliate for LTS, as I started to use the music in my work & healing sessions, I noticed changes starting to occur in myself from listening to the music all day long at my work. This past January it only made sence to then next sign up to be a Sonic Meditation Affiliate. So far I have experienced two major shifts in my life since coming on board with LTS. I'm also a very firm believer in the power of music since it's been part of my life since I was a small child. I always was tuning out the world within my music. Headphones and earbuds are always in, while I tuned out the noise of life. A few years ago I had a life altering experience in LilyDale NY, after that event. I came home and noticed that my work started changing. I wasn't fully aware of what was happening to me. Things started to happen when I turned on the music, and closed my eyes, I started seeing the music frequencies and notes. Then I started playing with that on my clients, and then I was able to start moving the frequencies into their body for clearing and healing. My healing sessions started to become more powerful working with the music in that way. I feel it is part of my mission here to make sure that everyone knows and understands the power of LTS music.

LTS: What makes Listening to Smile music work for you and your work? What makes it different than other meditation/frequency music for you?

Stefanie: I Love LTS music over other music because it's always changing every month depending on the astrological forecast for the upcoming month. I love how Ian has integrated that into the music to help us stay balanced throughout that particular month. I don't know of any other artist doing anything like this.

LTS: Please describe the events that you hold with Listening to Smile music as a Sonic Meditation Affiliate. Do you include anything unique or different?

Stefanie: During my Sonic Reiki Sound Baths, we start out with some breath work and some intention setting. Then everyone lays down on their mats and tunes into the music. While they are laying there I use either some crystal bowls or Tibetian bowls and tuning forks along with Reiki and working with the frequencies of the music along with color therapy and aroma therapy.

These group healing events are pretty powerful when you have a group of souls combined and energy starts moving all over the place. When I close my eyes its like a galaxy light show with all the energies and frequencies that are flying all over the place. POWERFUL stuff happens in these moments. The feed back from the events has been pretty remarkable needless to say.

LTS: Are you introducing any other healing modalities at your events? If so, what kind, please explain.

Stefanie: Yes, as stated above I'm incorporating Reiki crystal bowls or signing bowls, tuning forks, & some times I'll throw some drumming in if the music has it in it. I'll also throw in some singing and chanting if the music calls for it.

LTS: What other modalities are you using Listening to Smile music along with, such as one on one sessions with clients, reiki, massage, etc.?

Stefanie: I use LTS music in all my healing sessions. Massage, Reiki, Energy Sessions, & The Elevation Activation (cellular healing)

LTS: What personal connections do you have with the music (for example, tempos, styles, frequencies, moods, etc?)

Stefanie: It seems to me that I am connecting to all of it, my healing tool has always been with high vibrational music. I just never put it all together until over the last few years that music is my tool & LTS music is my muse.

LTS: Anything else that you think we should know about you, upcoming projects you are working on, or your personal experience with sound?

Stefanie: At the moment I'm trying to build my Sound Bath's locally and then one day my goal is to travel and take it on the road to spread this Magic all over the country.

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