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Tamara Webster (Perth, Australia)

Holistic Wellness Practitioner
Founder of Precious People

email: tamsownmail@gmail.com

Website:Precious People

About Tamara:

My journey into wellness has been a steady one. Education, curiosity, and being an individual trusting in myself and having faith that I know what feels right for me has been key. Over the years I have transformed my life from being a smoker, drinker and fast food muncher to using certified organic personal, home and oral products, eating fresh organically grown produce direct from the farmers markets and drinking more herbal tea than alcohol.

I now have a passion to educate and promote holistic wellness through sound, nutrition and organics. The body is an amazing instrument that we get to keep for our whole life ! It has an innate intelligence and systems that keep it in balance and harmony. Disease and illness are caused by disharmony. Nature will always strive for balance and we are nature. Frequency and vibration whether that be music, from the food you eat, your self talk or the environment has a direct impact on the well being of your physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. We all have control on all those factors. Give the body beneficial fuels and it will perform optimally. Without health you have nothing.

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Tamara Webster at a stall
Tamara's Healing Tools
Tamaras singing bowls

Get To Know Tamara.....

Tamara is the founder of Precious People: Precious People is a community driven business to promote self love and love of others

LTS: Please explain your work.

Tamara: My passion is in educating and promoting holistic wellness through sound, nutrition and organics. Achieving wellness in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. Sound is amazing as it positively affects all aspects and together with good nutrition and organic living holistically help to keep the body performing optimally. Keep the vibration in tune !
I have a Diploma in a Kyela Sound Therapy and will be studying for my Advanced Diploma this year. I am also completing a Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Dietetics

LTS: How did you first hear about Listening to Smile?

Tamara: I first heard the Shamanic album at an event and asked who created the music. I have followed Ian and Listening to Smile since !

LTS: Why did you become a Sonic Meditation Affiliate? What helped you make the final decision?

Tamara: I love sound and I want to help people to discover wellness easily. I love the wide variety of the music types. The choice of tracks is amazing. Ian and the team are so helpful and the ongoing support and encouragement that I receive from the Listening to Smile team is invaluable.

LTS: What makes Listening to Smile music work for you and your work? What makes it different than other meditation/frequency music for you?

Tamara: The music is very powerful. The love and passion that Ian has for his tracks comes through the speakers. I can chose tracks for a dance event , drums , piano, angelic voice or moon baking ! Every month I get new tracks to work with keeping it exciting for me and my clients.

LTS: Please describe the events that you hold with Listening to Smile music as a Sonic Meditation Affiliate. Do you include anything unique or different?

Tamara: I alternate events between a group guided meditation , a move then meditate session and a intimate sound circle (a smaller more immersive experience). I intuitively create the playlist for each session with a guided meditation which complements the intention of the session and the frequencies of the tracks.

LTS: Are you introducing any other healing modalities at your events? If so, what kind, please explain.

Tamara: I play the tibetan singing bowls over each person at the end of the frequency music session. I also use Reiki during the session. I sometimes use chanting including vowels and AUM. The so hum track is great for that !

LTS: What other modalities are you using Listening to Smile music along with, such as one on one sessions with clients, reiki, massage, etc.?

Tamara: My one on one sessions include a chakra and aura health check, cleanse and balance. I play a Listening to Smile relax playlist to the clients as I conduct the health check. The surround speakers fill the room with the frequencies and the main speaker under the treatment table allows for the vibrations to be felt through the body.

LTS: What personal connections do you have with the music (for example, tempos, styles, frequencies, moods, etc?)

Tamara: I have over 100 tracks on shuffle and my favourites change every day. I love the tracks with angelic voices and driving to the beat of the Shamanic album. Bhakti Beat and Ascending Spiral are my go to dance tracks.
I find it fascinating that certain frequencies sometimes grate on you. Its usually the ones you have the most disharmony with !

LTS: Anything else that you think we should know about you, upcoming projects you are working on, or your personal experience with sound?

Tamara: The music has no limits on helping people to feel better. It has the ability to sing to people on a cellular level. As part of my one on one services I offer organic facials with Reiki (and a Listening to Smile playlist) and I have just discovered a beautiful skincare range made in New Zealand with 528HZ infused water !

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