Ian Morris, Founder

Multi-instrumentalist, Poet,
Artist, and Intuitive Healer

Listening to Smile was founded by Ian Morris. Ian has over 20 years’ experience as a multi-instrumentalist, poet, intuitive healer, and musician. He was surrounded by music at a young age which led him to study and work in the performing arts field for most of his adult life.


What led him down this path of sound healing and frequency was his own personal struggles and journey through chronic illness and the anxiety and depression that came from being so sick. He explored sound and frequency using pure tones and then began creating music with these tones and other sacred frequencies to help facilitate his own healing.  Once healed, he made it his life's mission to share his healing Frequency Minded Music with others all around the world, so that they too could heal and find balance in their own bodies.  


Ian Morris is also the creator of the LTS Method - a powerful recording method designed to facilitate breakthroughs with the release and clearing of stagnant energy in the body. 



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