Ian Morris, Founder

Multi-instrumentalist, Poet,
Artist, Author, and Intuitive Healer

Founder of Listening to Smile - Healing Frequency Minded Music for Personal Growth and Wellbeing 

Ian has over 21 years’ experience in the performing arts field and has made it his life’s goal to use his gifts and passion to be of service to people in search of healing.

As a multi-instrumentalist, he instinctively sought solace in music. It was during this time of very poor health that he came across information about the sacred healing potentials of sound/vibration and began to study further. What he can then best describe as a combination of divine inspiration, timing, and skill set all merged. He began creating and producing compositions of tones and frequencies which lead him to personally reclaim his health. In addition to this personal physical healing, he was seeing a drastic healing of his dyslexia. Within two weeks he was finding more clarity, focus, and his ability to retain information became easier. Within a year his physical health condition and his dyslexia were completely transformed.  

His career started at Interlochen Center for the arts in Interlochen, MI.  Shortly thereafter, he founded a nonprofit called Homemade Genius where he worked in the underserved community with music, art, and after school programs. He also worked tirelessly to bring music and art into nontraditional venues in and around the community. He worked with many organizations such as Meals on Wheels, Hospice, and The United Way to use music as a tool for release and healing. After seeing the amazing results Ian wanted to go deeper into the healing power of sound, which led him down the path of holistic options paired with mindfulness techniques. He started meditating daily with frequency, breath work, and intention setting.

His healing method quickly grew into the beginning stages for his company Listening to Smile which he founded in November of 2016. Today Listening to Smile is international! Ian runs Listening to Smile with his partner, Dana Kato, where they are growing awareness for Sound Healing and working as true pioneers in the field.

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