Ian Morris, Founder

Multi-instrumentalist, Poet,
Artist, and Intuitive Healer


Ian Morris, has over 20 years’ experience as a musician and has studied and worked in the performing arts field all of his life. He was raised around music and some say he was born with a natural gift of creativity. What lead him down this path of sound healing and frequency was his own personal struggles and journey through chronic illness and the anxiety and depression that came from being so sick. He explored sound and frequency using pure tones and then began creating music with these tones and other sacred frequencies to help facilitate his own healing. The results he experienced were astonishing beyond anything he could ever imagine. His family and friends noticed the miraculous change in his health and this led them to inquire more about what he was doing different. They wanted to experience this too.....and thus, Listening to Smile was born.

He began working with small groups in his community and studied how frequency affects many different ailments, illness, and dis-ease of both mind and body. He even built a sound/frequency table so that the body could be completely immersed in the vibration of the tones and frequencies.

Ian took feedback and input from doctors, psychologists, and holistic practitioners to streamline and solidify his services. His goal was to create a customizable experience. As the programs began to develop the clients were shocked and elated by the results. This work grew into the live sound healing events called “Sonic Meditations.” As more and more people wanted to experience his frequency music the program expanded into an international community.

The perfect equation: Intention of the listeners, the healing power of frequency, his amazing talent and beautiful music, and consistency = healing for the body, mind, and spirit! Ian has seen firsthand how frequency music changes lives, not only in the hundreds of people from all over the world that he has worked with, but in his very own life with dyslexia and illness.

Listening to Smile frequency music is transformational. The possibilities are endless for how LTS music can transform your life and heal your body, mind, and spirit.

Don't let us tell you about it, give it a T-R-Y and see for yourself.

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