Integrative Frequency Therapy

Integrating Frequency,
Sound Healing, and Meditation
with Modern Medicine to
Accelerate Healing and Recovery

Listening to Smile is more than just music.

We offer unique and diverse programing that meets your clients where they are physically and mentally.  Our Integrative Frequency Therapy unites three different platforms to deliver the perfect consistent model for healing – classes/group events, one on one sessions, and home use.  This platform builds a powerful, healing plan that is completely customizable and consistent. 

We provide more than ordinary
sound healing....

The Integrative Frequency Therapy Program offers a live, in-person demonstration, monthly mindfulness/meditation practices, monthly documentation/training about frequency/sound healing, and new frequency music monthly. We provide you and your practitioners with the knowledge about Frequency and how to use it to address specific conditions, both mental and physical. 
Once your practice's needs are addressed, a customized program will be designed that can be easily incorporated into already existing programs such as therapy/counseling, pain management, pre and post op, cancer protocols, anxiety, PTSD, learning disabilities, autism, and addiction.

There is no limit to where our Integrative Frequency Program can be implemented and successful.


New Monthly Music

Each month your corporation will receive new monthly Frequency Minded Music that is geared towards that needs of you, your practitioners, and patients.

Interactive Tools

Along with monthly music you will also receive monthly meditation and mindfulness practices with information on how to incorporate it into your medical practice and with your practitioners.

Unique Solution

Work one on one with us in order to create a custom program that will be the most effective for your medical practice, practitioners, and patients. This may include custom music, playlists, and meditations. We also provide Frequency and Sound Healing training so that your practitioners can confidently recommend specific frequencies for their patients.


We work with you to determine how your patients can continue their Frequency Therapy and meditation at home.


There are many different sizes of medical practices out there, which is why we offer multiple tiers of services and programming. This will allow you to pick a level that is flexible, cost effective, and productive for your facility.


We provide support via email or phone throughout your partnership with us.

Our Sound Healing Albums

Take a listen and experience the impact our

"Sonic Medicine" can have on your own body, mind, and spirit. 


Sonic Meditation

Listening to Smile creates new monthly music in the themes of the astrological energies, the social, and political platforms exclusively for our affiliates world wide. The affiliates then share this music with the proper license and permissions in their private one on one sessions, live events, retreats, workshops, and on social media platforms.

18876267 - seven chakras  for yoga

Wellness Series

Frequency minded albums composed with specific targets, needs, and intentions in mind. There are different albums for different needs. We have albums in this series that help facilitate a peaceful state and relieve anxiety, as well as some albums that are more upbeat for movement meditations and yoga.


Binaural Beats

This music is composed for headphone use. These tracks and albums are created with very targeted and specific intentions such as sleep, meditation or focus. This is where science and sound are one.