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John Sklar, M.D.

Medical Consultant


Early on in his residency Dr. Sklar worked with John Sarno, M.D. who pioneered the mind-body approach for treating back pain. In his groundbreaking book, Mind Over Back Pain, and subsequent books, Dr. Sarno explains that most back pain is psycho-physiological in nature. He shares the idea that unconscious emotions, especially anger/rage, are covered up by physical pain as a distraction or defense mechanism. Many times that information/knowledge is sufficient to set the back pain sufferer on the road to recovery. Thoughts create behavior and these new thoughts offered to the patient create recovery behavior.

Over the years Dr. Sklar has taken the ideas of mind-body medicine one step further. After discovering the power of the mind-body connection, events led him to the further discovery of the role of spirit/spirituality in healing. When a person connects fully to spirit/God, stress becomes increasingly unlikely and eventually impossible. Then repressed emotions stop piling up and can actually be integrated or cleaned out. With the cause of the illness no longer there, healing then naturally follows.

Through this journey, Dr. Sklar has come to see all challenges in life as an opportunity. The opportunity is to look inward and know ourselves better to correct the cause of the problem. He has come to understand that the problem is never “out there,” out of our control, and in fact, the answer is always available inside us. Our potential for healing in life itself has always been where we can fully control it. Great news for all who seek an easier path!!

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