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Welcome to Listening to Smile

Listening to Smile is a unique sound wellness/healing modality developed by Ian Morris. Ian is a multi-instrumentalist, artist, and intuitive healer who has been working in the creative arts field for over 20 years. He has developed an intuition-based creative and musical synergy that are the building blocks for the development of Listening to Smile.

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To utilize uniquely created musical tones and frequencies based around Solfeggio Harmonics, Schumann resonances and other sacred concepts of sound and vibration in order to modulate focus, mood, emotional state, and physical well-being

Healing Music

Listening to Smile’s focus is to use the power of sound and vibration to target core issues in the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies, restoring personal balance and flow into everyday life.


These channeled tones include frequencies based around Solfeggio Harmonics and Schumann resonances woven with Listening to Smile’s proprietary blends of groundbreaking sound technology.

Affiliates WorldWide

Listening to Smile's Affiliate Programs, allows anyone all around the world to use the healing frequency music in community events, holistic practices, clinical hospital settings, corporation wellness programs, and so much more. Our streamlined orientation enables anyone to integrate sound healing into their practices, even without a music or sound healing background. Plus, the added bonus of increasing monhtly revenue, Listening to Smile's Affiliates keep all ticket sales from any sound healing events and have a unique code to resell our music. Check out our affiliates page for more information.

How We Got Our Name....

The name for our company came about before the entire concept of the company had a chance to be born. Ian Morris, our founder and Sound Alchemist, built a sound table in order to heal his own body from chronic illness. He used it in order to directly play frequencies into his body. Once his friends and family got word of this, they wanted to give it a try too. They would lay down on the table, and as soon as his frequency minded music would start to play, everyone would immediately start to smile. From this, the name "Listening to Smile" and the company was born!