Sound Healing At Home

Frequency Minded Music:
More Than Just Music,
It's Sound Vibration for Health and Wellness

The wellness series albums by Listening to Smile are geared for personal home use. Each album is compiled with a track list of songs with focused frequencies for a specific intention such as sleep, meditation, and anxiety relief just to name a few. You will be able to safely and easily implement sound healing at home throughout your healing journey! 

These albums can help step up your personal mindfulness practice by adding the sacred tones/frequencies and the science behind sound healing. All of this is accomplished by simply utilizing headphones and adding our frequency minded music (LTS Method) to your already existing practice.

Read more on our blog post "Heal with Listening to Smile Frequency Minded Music." 

 **Legal Disclaimer These albums are for personal use ONLY.  Using these albums in commercial settings is a violation of music copyright law.  

Peace Without the Fuss...

The most frequent complaint we get from our customers is them speaking from frustration about how they can’t settle down, quiet their mind, and relax in the busyness of this modern world who can’t sympathize with that?

When we were creating this company we were one of those people and so we had that specific intention in mind in the creation of our music. We wanted to create music that was both playful and creative yet powerful and effective.

Our music was meant to be used with headphones and with new albums made consistently there is always a new journey waiting for you to be discovered. You don’t have to learn an instrument and you will no longer be pulled from your focus or meditation by using a sound tool such a singing bowl or tuning fork for your constant frequency delivery system.  You also won't have to search out a sound healer.  All you need to do in order to incorporate sound healing at home, is utilize our Wellness Series Albums with headphones and some simple breathwork and intention setting.  


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what makes our music different

What Makes Our Music Different

Spend time with an album, we know you will see the difference! Listening to Smile has the largest discography of frequency minded music in the world today. So we know you will find a album that fits your specific need.
Read here about how we create and produce our music and how this influences your healing and release of stagnant energy in the body and mind.

Meditate with Us

What you need to begin

Utilizing these mindfulness tools for ONLY 20 minutes a day, we have seen people change their lives in as little as 2 WEEKS!  


Listening to Smile Frequency Minded Music

Choose what albums resonates with you from our Wellness Series.


Open Mind

Be open to a whole new experience. Practice these meditations with no expectations.



Over the ear, stereo headphones are best!


Breath-Work Exercises

Choose your favorite breath-work exercise that works for you. 


Intention Setting

What brings you to your meditation practice today? Set and hold this intention in your mind.


Visualization with Feeling

Visualize and imagine your intention. Picture how you would feel when your intention comes to light. Feel as though it is already here, as though it has already occurred.


Confused about Frequency? Need More Help?

Personal Frequency Coaching is perfect for those familiarizing themselves with sound healing and frequency work. It is also perfect for those that are ready to take their healing to whole new level! Our sessions are customized specifically for you and the areas of targeted focus you wish to work on. We utilize Solfeggio frequencies, Schumann resonances, Planetary frequencies, Chakra frequencies, and Channeled frequencies during the sessions.

Typically in 1 to 2 sessions you will have an understanding of basic sound/frequency healing, mindfulness techniques, intention setting, and breath work. All questions are welcome! The intention behind the sessions are to educate and help you to feel more comfortable on your own journey of healing with the power of sound. Sessions typically last 45 minutes in duration.

Our Sound Healing Albums For Home Use

Take a listen and experience the impact our

"Sonic Medicine" can have on your own body, mind, and spirit. 

18876267 - seven chakras  for yoga

Wellness Series

Frequency minded albums composed with specific targets, needs, and intentions in mind. There are different albums for different needs. We have albums in this series that help facilitate a peaceful state and relieve anxiety, as well as some albums that are more upbeat for movement meditations and yoga.

 **Legal Disclaimer: These album cannot and do not contain medical/health advice. The medical/health information is provided for general information and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Accordingly, before taking any actions based upon such information, we encourage you to consult with appropriate professionals. We do not provide any medical/health advice. The use and reliance of any information or albums contained on this site is solely at your own risk.