Sonic Meditation Albums

Exclusive Music for Members of Our Affiliate Program

Exclusive Monthly Frequency Minded Music

Our Sonic Meditation Albums are created every month for our Affiliates.  These frequency minded music albums are produced in the themes of the astrological energy.

Our goal is to further align our themes and CD frequencies to the direction and greatest needs of the collective consciousness by working in tandem with monthly astrological events and universal energies.

In turn, our monthly Sonic Meditation Albums will be created with frequency selections with the potential to best assist in integrating the current cosmic conditions, current events taking place in the world, and maximizing the divine flow for growth and evolution set forth by the markers of our greater cosmos.

Our Sonic Meditation Albums are exclusive to our Sonic Meditation Affiliate Program. Our Affiliates receive a new album each month along with monthly astrology information, music intentions, frequency info and licensing rights to utilize our music.

If you would like to purchase the new Sonic Meditation Albums at a reduced rate and acquire the licensing to utilize our music in your business, practice, or one on one with clients, click this link for more information!

meditation album nov21

Celestial Messengers

October 2021
1.Shapes in Creation (A=444Hz) 03:40
2.To Guide the Evolution of Life- (The Frequency of Love 528Hz) 07:36
3.Angels of the Elements - (F#) 07:53
4.Luminous Energy (432Hz) 05:05
5.Vaporous Light (7.83Hz) 05:05
6.Higher order of existence (A=432Hz) (L 144Hz + C 144Hz + R 144Hz = 432) 04:32
7.Master Solfeggio (6) 06:39

Sonic meditation album oct21

Sense of Higher Love

October 2021 1.Reclaim the Eros (444Hz) 04:18 buy track 2.For a Parched Soul (444Hz) 04:48 3.Attuned to Heal One Another (528Hz The Frequency of Love) 05:33 4.Sublime Spiritual Truths (444Hz) 07:12 5.The Enchantress and the Storyteller (126.22Hz The Frequency of the Sun / 144.72Hz The Frequency of Mars) 26:32
Sonic Meditation Album September 21

Releasing Emotional Cargo

September 2021 1.Departure (A=444Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 04:40 2.Landing (A=432Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 04:24 3.Behind the Door of Grace (A=444Hz) (Morris) 03:54 4.The Code of my Soul (The Frequency of Love 528Hz) (Morris) 13:30 5.Journey into Resiliency (The Frequency of Mercury 141.27Hz ) (Morris) 09:20 6.Galactic Forest (The Transmutation) (Arlyn Ruddy) 08:14
sonic meditation album aug 21

Citizens of the Universe

August 2021 1.Let The Love In (444Hz) (Ian Morris, Evan Lampkin) 03:18 2.A Small Flame (444Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 03:46 3.To Everyone I Love (444Hz) (Ian Morris, Osin Muse, Evan Lampkin) 02:42 4.Consciously co-evolve (Ian Morris) (Standard d minor) 06:06 5.Just Let Go (432Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 09:15 6.The Fire Inside Us (126.22Hz The Frequency of the Sun) (Ian Morris) 15:36

Sonic Meditation Album July 2021

Mile Zero

July 2021 1.We Are But One (A=432Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 04:33 2.Creator (A=444Hz) (Morris,Lampkin,Goncalves) 04:18 3.Undifferentiated Realty (396Hz) (Root Chakra Solfeggio) (Morris) 14:18 4.Stay in the Moment (A=432Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 11:48 5.The Uncreated (384.87Hz) (Throat Chakra A=432Hz) (Morris) 09:02
Frequency Minded Music album June 2021

By the Grace of Love

June 2021 1.Release Me (528Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 05:17 2.Be Well (. (Evan Lampkin) 06:11 3.Curiosity Gifts (444Hz) (Morris/Lampkin) 10:56 4.Wonderous Awe (639Hz Heart Chakra Solfeggio ) (Morris) 10:06 5.Wealth of Kindness (396Hz Root Chakra Solfeggio) (Morris) 06:48
April 2021 Sonic Meditation Album

One Step at a Time

April 2021 1.Higher (528Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 05:33 2.Steps (528Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 10:24 3.No Test is Ever Too Great (140.25Hz Frequency of Pluto) 09:38 4.Crossing Over a Chasm (320Hz Naval Chakra) 10:49 5.Keeping in Step with Spirit (528Hz) 07:57

March 2021 Sacred Frequency Album

It's a Brave New World

March 2021 1.Thought Power (A=444Hz) 05:11 2.It’s an Inside Job (A=432Hz) 03:03 3.With Awareness Comes Choice (The Frequency of Mars 144.72Hz) 10:34 4.The Source of All Power (432Hz) 10:30 5.The Law of Mentalism (432Hz) 10:30
Feb 2021 Sacred Frequency Album

Redefining the Self

February 2021 1.Rearranging the Pieces (320Hz Naval Chakra Standard Tune) 05:00 2.Creating a Coherent Narrative (A=444Hz) 05:27 3.Finding the Gift in this All (174Hz) 08:04 4.Grace and Oneness (126.22Hz) The Frequency of the Sun (210.42Hz)The Frequency of the Synodic Moon) 10:00 5.Possibilities in this Moment (A=444Hz) 06:40
Sonic Meditation Jan 2021

The Frequency of Change

January 2021 1.You Are Your Resolve (A=444Hz) (by: Kulhed) 05:00 2.Heart Ignition (A=444Hz) (by: Kulhed) 08:00 3.Dying to the False Self (A=444Hz) 03:37 4.In This Plane of Learning (417Hz) (The Frequency of Change Solfeggio) 06:39 5.Where Ordeals are Faced (396Hz) (Root Chakra Frequency Solfeggio) 10:30 6.Our Vast Multi Dimensional Creation (141.27Hz The Frequency of Mercury) 06:39 7.Sublime Sense of Tranquility (417Hz) (The Frequency of Change Solfeggio) 07:18

December Album Meditation with frequency music

The Great Conjunction

December 2020 1.Inspiring Liberation (444Hz) 03:12 2.Zero Degrees (183.53Hz The Frequency of Jupiter / 147.85Hz The Frequency of Saturn) 11:40 3.Our Individual Spark (Root Chakra 396Hz, Heart Chakra 639Hz, Crown Chakra 963Hz) 14:37 4.Winds of Revolution (Speak Your Truth) (741Hz Throat Chakra) 10:10

Nov 2020 Meditation with frequency music

Know Thyself

November 2020 1.The Blueprints for a Sustainable Healing (444Hz) 01:52 2.Transform my understanding (211.44Hz The Frequency of Neptune) 08:02 3.Exhalation of Feelings and Thoughts (174Hz) 10:00 4.A State of Blissful Transcendence (528Hz The Frequency of Love) 05:28 5.Inner Communication Journey (444Hz/639Hz) 06:00 6.Tools for communicating with our Ancestors (639Hz The Heart Chakra Solfeggio) 09:41
October 2020 Meditation with frequency music

Your Hidden Universe

October 2020 1.The Doors of Perception (A=444Hz) 03:33 2.Oneness with Existence (480Hz Crown Chakra Standard tune) 13:33 3.Surya Namaskar (126.22Hz The Frequency of the Sun) 06:24 4.Blissful Intoxication (141.27Hz The Frequency of Mercury) 10:10 5.You are that (432Hz) 08:08 6.Creative Illumination (A=444Hz) 03:03
vSept 2020 Meditation with frequency music

Sounds, Scents, & Colors

September 2020 1.The Space Between Breath (A=444Hz) 07:22 2.Clearing the Path (Cosmic Radio Edit) ( 741Hz Frequency of the Throat Chakra Solfeggio) 11:05 3.Immune to Time (144.72Hz Frequency of Mars) 07:12 4.Hitching a Ride Into Now (210.42Hz Frequency of Synodic Moon) 16:01

Meditation album Aug 2020

On the Other Side of This

August 2020 1.Invaluable Strength (In Five Movements) (A=444Hz) 04:36 2.Seek and You Shall Find (432Hz) 06:32 3.Patchwork For the Soul (285Hz) 07:15 4.Turning Worries Into Prayers (528Hz) 05:50 5.To Endure (Uranus ) 11:43
july 2020 album

In the Quiet Space of Now

July 2020 1.When We Surrender (A=444Hz) 03:42 2.Our Awareness of Particles (Remastered) (741Hz) (Throat Chakra Solfeggio Scale) 11:09 3.In the Language of Miracles (Remastered) (963Hz) (Crown Chakra Solfeggio Scale) 13:30 4.Eternity's Sun Rise (285Hz The Restorative Frequency Solfeggio Scale) 09:47
June 2020 Sonic Meditation Album

The Divine Adventure

June 2020 1.The Challenge to Transcend Yourself (The Frequency of the Sun 126.22Hz) 09:08 2.Moon Phases (210.42Hz The Frequency of the Synodic Moon) 08:00 3.Beyond The 3rd Dimension (852Hz) (3rd Eye Chakra Solfeggio) 12:05
Sonic Meditation album May 2020

Surfing the Vortex

May 2020 1.Warrior Spirit (Sacral Chakra Standard Tune) 04:11 2.Unobstructed View (A=444Hz) 03:57 3.On the Wings of Divine Messengers (147.85Hz The Frequency of Saturn) 06:39 4.The Aerodynamics of Love (221.23Hz The Frequency of Venus) 08:08 5.Floating on the Wind (390.6Hz The LTS Frequency of Peace) 10:07 6.Soul Path (183.53Hz The Frequency of Jupiter) 08:24
sonic mediation album april 2020 - sacred frequency

Becoming a Place of Pilgrimage

April 2020 1.La De Da De Da (TheSunshine Song) (A=444Hz) 05:10 2.The Better Me I Found In You (A=444Hz) 03:46 3.Tirtha (A=444Hz) 11:54 4.Cultivate Purity (787Hz & 1550Hz For the Lungs) 09:28 5.Most Sacred Journey (802Hz for overall health of the Intestines) 08:03 6.In Search of Liberation (140.25Hz) (The Frequency of Pluto) 09:52
march sonic meditation album 2020

Maintaining Self In The Age of Kali Yuga

March 2020 1.Opening the Upper Channels (A=444Hz) 03:55 2.The Eternal Home Within Us (528Hz) 05:05 3.Finding Peace in Un-Peaceful Times (A=444Hz) 08:08 4.Reaction, Regeneration, Remodeling (174Hz) 15:12 5.It's an Inner Journey (1Hz Delta Wave Binaural Beat) (L 200Hz - R 201Hz) (200Hz for Brain Organ) 06:06 6.The Wisdom I seek Is Within Me (A=444hz) 05:24
February 2020 Sonic Meditation Album

The Science of the Inside Space

February 2020 1.Flight of the Golden Bumble Bee (A=444Hz) 04:00 2.Pratyahara (A=444Hz) 04:17 3.The Root of The Matter (396Hz) (Root Chakra Solfeggio Scale) 06:38 4.Inner Alchemy (141.27Hz The Frequency of Mercury) 12:03 5.The World in My Pocket (528Hz) (The Frequency of Love) (Solar Plexus Chakra Solfeggio Scale) 12:14 6.Where Silence Dominates (A=444Hz) 06:04
Jan 2020 Sonic Meditation Album

Dissolving the Illusions

January 2020 1. The Divine Dance (A=444Hz) 04:08 2. A Exercise in Empowerment (E - Standard) (Solar Plexus Chakra) 06:21 3. In This Holographic Universe (528Hz) 06:48 4. Cleaning Out The Warehouse of Samskaras (317.83Hz Frequency of the Liver) 08:32 5. You Are the Guru (341.3Hz) (Heart Chakra) 13:52 6. Accelerating Expansion (528Hz) 03:44
December 2019 Sonic Meditation Album

The Expansion of Our Manifestation

December 2019 1.Droplets Of Divinity 05:18 2.Your Feelings are the Fuel (396Hz) 16:14 3.Transcendence Of Gaia (432hz - 528hz) 11:12 4.Traveling The Cosmic Strings (183.53Hz The Frequency of Jupiter) 08:12 5.Sacred Fire (281.6Hz The Frequency of the Small Intestines) 05:19
November 2019 Album

Ripple Effect

November 2019 1.It's a Vibe (ft. Moody Black) 04:24 2.You Are My Mantra (ft. Dana Kato) 05:45 3.Autumn Morning 04:20 4.For Forgiveness (528Hz) 09:23 5.The Creative Observer (639Hz) (Binaural Beat -Theta Brain wave) 22:26 6.Return to the Playground of Your Heart (639Hz) (Theta Brain wave) 10:08
october sonic meditation album

The World Exists to Set You Free

October 2019
  1. Defining The Future (A=440) 03:17
  2. The Mystic (396Hz) (Remastered) 07:36
  3. Space for Something New (432Hz) 10:02
  4. Through The Veil Of Illusion (210.42Hz Frequency of the Synodic Moon) 07:20
  5. The State of Allowing (528Hz) 04:44
  6. Closing Ceremony (417Hz) (Remastered) 10:54

Dream Within A Dream Within A Dream

September 2019
  1. Talkin' Bout Daisies
  2. and Carnations 06:00
  3. The Leaf Song 04:00
  4. Lucid Playground 05:24
  5. Below the Surface of Manifest Content 09:03
  6. In the Other Worlds (147.85Hz Frequency of Saturn) 11:28
  7. Unraveling the Unconscious 09:57

Forged in the Belly of a Star

August 2019
  1. Completing The Exercise 02:16
  2. Breathing Underwater (Evan Lampkin) 05:34
  3. We Long To Return 05:55
  4. The Last Act Of A Dying Star (432Hz) 15:10
  5. Lion's Gate Activation (88Hz) 11:08
  6. GRB 130603B 14:06

The View From Up Here

July 2019 1.The Infinite Creative (A=432Hz) (ft. Dana Kato) 06:58 2.Wherever you are...I am (528Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 07:34 3.Spirit Fire (Frequency of the Sun 126.22Hz) 15:21 4.Tuning In (Frequency of Saturn 147.85Hz) 12:00 5.Divine Eyes (741Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 12:06 6.I Pick Time Travel (revisited) (A=444Hz) 04:46

Your Halo

June 2019 1.Healing Imagery (419.8Hz) 04:00 2.Our Destination (528Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 08:36 3.Releasing the Deposits in Our Mind Field (963Hz) 09:39 4.Into the Space of all Knowing (211.44Hz) (Frequency of Neptune) 10:10 5.From My Own Journey, I Remember 09:36

Spirit of the Elementals

May 2019 1.Invoking the Elements (490.7Hz) 03:20 2.Seeds of Eternity(494.4Hz) 02:56 3.When the World Stops (728Hz) 07:28 4.The Sacred Connection (111Hz) 11:11 5.Dreaming Your World into Being(141.27Hz The Frequency of Mercury) 11:00

A Mixtape for Time Travel

April 2019 1.Running Futures 04:20 2.Through The Time Stream (528Hz) 07:47 3.Intertwined With The Fourth Dimension of Time (432Hz) 22:22 4.To Restore The Timeline (174Hz) 10:20 5.Surrender, Repair, And Restore (140.25Hz) 11:11 6.BG's Adventures in Nature 01:34

Rebirth Magic

March 2019 1.The Human Stargate ( F#4 373.36Hz) 05:05 2.Walking Through Extraordinary Times (E4 333.3Hz) 04:44 3.Attuning to Infinity (F#3 186.68Hz) 06:06 4.A Time of Destruction and Rebirth (G#3 207.36Hz Uranus) 07:00 5.The Observer Point (C#3 136.10Hz Earth Year OM) 10:10 6.Quantum Tunneling (G4 396Hz Root Chakra Solfeggio) 09:33

Love = The Unifying Force

February 2019 1.SAMPLE - The Atman Beat (432Hz) 01:33 2.The Atman Beat (432Hz) 03:03 3.Follow The Breath (432Hz) 06:36 4.Intersecting My Energetic Pathways (396Hz, 639Hz, 963Hz) 09:03 5.Meditation for Shakti (417Hz) 09:09 6.In All That There Is (Venus 221.2 3Hz) 09:09

Protocol Omega

January 2019 1.SAMPLE Increment of Great Development (312Hz) 00:53 2.SAMPLE Codes for the Upgrade (126.22Hz Frequency of the Sun) 00:48 3.Increment of Great Development (312Hz) 05:06 4.Codes for the Upgrade (126.22Hz Frequency of the Sun) 06:06 5.Parable of the Untold (210.42Hz Frequency of the Synodic Moon) 10:40 6.Lost in the Pages of Uranometria (528Hz) 11:11 7.Life Geometry (432Hz) 14:03

The Sophia Frequency

December 2018 1.Our Creation Story (639Hz) 06:39 2.Garbha Healing (528Hz) 14:44 3.The Sanctuary of the Cosmic Heart (852Hz) 08:28 4.Crossing the Event Horizon (432Hz) 08:08 5.The Sleepy Mountain (Binaural Beat Theta) (528Hz) (Headphone Mix) 12:15

The Galaxies in Your Eyes

November 2018 1.The Three Gunas (497.9Hz) 06:06 2.Anahata (639Hz) 10:10 3.Spirit Trails (741Hz) 12:12 4.Andromeda (963Hz) 09:39

A Cosmic Illusion

October 2018 1.The Mirage (787Hz) 03:03 2.Silent Flight (522.9Hz) 03:15 3.Remain in the Unborn (528Hz) 07:17 4.Luna's Chariot (210.42Hz) 17:04 5.The Eternal Wakefulness (432Hz) 10:24

Our Quantum Leap

September 2018 1.The Hero's Journey (787Hz) 03:33 2.For Our Healing (505Hz) (Ft. Dana Kato) 06:52 3.As the Awareness Becomes Panoramic (174Hz) 06:53 4.Equanimity (396Hz) 11:21 5.In This Secret Place, We Hold Our Manifestations High (111Hz) 15:03

Creating an Alternative Timeline

August 2018 1.The Mandela Effect (390.6Hz) 04:44 2.Evaporate into Nirvana (555Hz) 03:57 3.Our Transient City Floating in the Clouds (417Hz) 17:25 4.Outside the Gravity Waves (1760Hz) 10:27 5.This Sacred Union (221.23Hz The Frequency of Venus) 12:04

Your Creativity is Healing

July 2018 1.The Bhakti Beat Mantra (372.8Hz) 03:08 2.Our Intangible Composition (519Hz) 03:23 3.The Art of Discovery (329.9Hz) 10:10 4.We Are the Dreamers They Spoke of (528Hz) 10:57 5.Discussions of Time Travel w/ Dr. Walter Bishop (444Hz) 08:20

Belief Over Body

June 2018 1.0ur False Limits (390.6Hz) (Morris) 04:32 2.We Send Out Transmissions (126.22Hz The Frequency of the Sun) (Morris) 06:38 3.Belief Code 21 (390.6) (Morris) 12:03 4.Lunar Church (210.42Hz The Frequency of the Synodic Moon) (Morris) 07:31 5.The Rain Meditation (444hz) (Morris) 10:26 6.MER-KA-BA (528Hz The Frequency of Love) (Morris) 10:22

The Divine Spark

May 2018 1.I am Love (So Hum OM) (412Hz) (Ft. Dana Kato) (Morris) 05:05 2.The Ascending Spiral (432Hz) (Ft. Anthony J. Rodriguez) (Morris) 08:19 3.Atlantis (396, 417, 528Hz) (Lampkin) 07:27 4.Focus on the Heart (444Hz) (Morris) 18:07 5.Through the Pranic Tube (174Hz) (Morris) 15:07

We Are All Together

April 2018 1.Gobekli Tepe (494.4Hz) (Morris,Lampkin) 04:10 2.Changeling (528Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 09:23 3.That Which is Sacred (432Hz) (Morris) 17:09 4.The Nature of Vibration (432Hz) (Morris) 18:17 5.Akasha (741Hz) (Evan Lampkin) 03:55

Choose Your Vehicle

March 2018 1.Inner Child Play (333Hz) 03:33 2.Little Miracles (444Hz) (ft.Evan Lampkin) * 05:00 3.The Wisdom of Spaciousness (3290.1Hz) 15:58 4.Awakening the Life Force (396Hz) 20:14 5.To the Ears of Your Heart (444Hz) 07:25

Your Heart is the Vehicle

February 2018 1.Shadows (528Hz The Frequency of Love) (Feat. Tenille Bentley) 08:54 2.Your Heart is the Vehicle (639Hz Heart Chakra) 16:18 3.Ascension Frequency (The Frequency of the Sun 126.22Hz) 11:23

Light Codes for the Heart

February 2018 1.Adventures in Understanding (528Hz The Frequency of Love) 06:05 2.Your Heart is the Vehicle (639Hz Heart Chakra) 16:18 3.Light Codes for the Heart (639Hz Heart Chakra) 15:13 4.Father Sky (207.36Hz The Frequency of Uranus) 07:35

The Sacred Flame

January 2018 1.Our Morning Hike (494.5 Hz) 04:05 2.Her Sacred Ceremony (Moon 210.42Hz) 09:40 3.Your Bright Heart Light (587.2Hz) 25:40 4.My Ascension Frequency (The Sun 126.22Hz) 11:23

Surrendering to the Mystery

December 2017 1.Buddha With a Time Machine (587.5Hz) (Feat. Moody Black) (Word Vibrations) 04:37 2.God Is With You (987.5Hz) (Feat. Tavis Brunson) (Word Vibrations) 04:58 3.Golden Waves of Peace (174Hz) (Note montra) 17:02 4.Divine Flame of Illumination (285Hz)(Note montra) 25:52

Full Spectrum

November 2017 1.(H.O.M.E.) in 4 movements (555Hz) (For Letting Go) 04:49 2.Possibilities of our Future (995Hz) (For Creativity) 08:27 3.Driven by the Quantum Process (528Hz) (The Frequency of Love) (Solar Plexus Chakra) 10:10 4.Heart Codes (639Hz) (Heart Chakra Solfeggio Scale) 29:48

Coming Home

October 2017 1.Journey of the Heart (639Hz) 11:44 2.The Root of the Matter (396Hz) 08:12 3.All is Love (528Hz) (Feat. Duane Terry on Guitar) 10:54 4.The Pilgrimage (1000Hz) 02:34

Holy Realization

September 2017 1.Divine Protection (777Hz) (Feat. Molly Evans) 05:08 2.Developing Awareness of Breath (4232.9Hz) 06:57 3.Sketching From Nature (432Hz) 17:53 4.Take the Lid Off (963Hz) 13:09 5.The Mechanics of Breathing (590.8Hz) 11:10

Awakening the Lion

August 2017 1.Green / Yellow Prana (587.2Hz) 05:48 2.Blue Prana (794.5Hz) 06:24 3.The Twelve Petals (639Hz) 19:43 4.I See Clearly My Inexhaustible Supply (396Hz) 07:52 5.Archangel Haniel (210.42Hz ) 08:33

Enlightened Heights

July 2017 1.Instructions for Survival (521.1Hz) (Feat. Molly Evans) 06:39 2.The Lost Mode of Prayer (417 Hz) 07:56 3.Bending Light (852Hz) 14:29 4.In This Self Examination (417Hz) 11:44 5.The Great Spirit Horse (660.5Hz) 05:28

Wisdom of the Elders

June 2017 1.The Great Story (15,111Hz) (Earth) 05:55 2.A Message From the Elders (22,222Hz) (Water) 07:23 3.Our Healing Work (174Hz) (Fire) 16:20 4.Activating the Sacred Vortex (528Hz) (Air) 06:12 5.Ascension Rock (963Hz) (Spirit) 11:33

The Roots to Grow

May 2017 1.Our Gigantic Endeavors (892.5Hz) 04:32 2.I Had Become Sanctuary (174Hz) 06:18 3.The World in My Pocket (528Hz) 12:12 4.Observing the Transformations (396Hz) 15:12 5.Dream Clouds (349.5Hz) 03:20

Return of the Goddess

April 2017 1.The Equation of Us (662.3 Hz) 04:29 2.Mantra Music (639Hz) (Heart Chakra) 08:36 3.Children of the Moon (210.42Hz) (Synodic Moon) 10:28 4.Into the Shadow (432Hz) (The Schumann Resonance) 14:24 5.The I AM Presence (Goddess Mix) (528hz) (The Frequency of Love) 06:29

Serving Truth

March 2017 1.Transform the Hologram 04:44 2.Our Awareness of Particles (741Hz) 08:05 3.The Universe as a Fractal (417Hz) 09:03 4.In the Language of Miracles (963Hz) 13:28

The Divine Call

February 2017 1.The Science of the Self (741Hz) 06:03 2.Your Feelings are the Fuel (396Hz) 16:10 3.Between Observation and Reality (852Hz) 11:30 4.The Breath of Life 06:10

Soul Reunion

January 2017 1.To Heal the Inner Child (Sun 126.22Hz) 06:25 2.In the Mystery, I Found You (Love 528Hz) 18:57 3.The Creative Observer (Heart Chakra 639Hz) 22:24 4.The Unfolding (Moon 210.42Hz) 08:05

Cosmic Harmonics

December 2016 1.Going to the Himalayas (Earth 432Hz) 08:07 2.We are Evolving (Earth Year Om 136.10Hz) 02:36 3.Together Harmoniously(Sun 122.26Hz) 08:57 4.GurudevA (Moon 210.42Hz) 07:29 5.The Transmutation of Matter (Venus 221.23Hz) 10:10 6.To Help, Guide, and Protect (Mars 144.72Hz) 11:06 7.Spheres of the Universe (Voice Channeling) 01:57

Soul Ignited

November 2016 1.Ascension (standard) 03:33 2.Inauguration of the spirit (852hz 963hz) 14:58 3.Source Codes (285hz) 11:51 4.Closing Ceremony (417hz) 10:51

Believe in Believing Again

October 2016 1.Vesica Piscis (396hz) 07:20 2.Heart Harmony (396hz, 639hz, 963hz) 18:48 3.Invoke the Light of Love (1324.9HZ) 05:12 4.Activation of the Light Body (Master Solfeggio) 12:14

Gypsy Soul

September 2016 1.Gypsy Heart (528hz) 07:21 info 2.Mystic Head (963hz) 14:08 3.I Pick Time Travel (444hz) 04:48 4.Spirit Life (303hz) & (309hz) 10:03 5.Cosmic Window (Journey into the 3rd Eye) (852hz) 08:34

Taking Root

June 2016 1.Your Interpretation / Calibration (852hz) 06:23 2.Energetically Connected (396hz) 06:26 3.Your Foundation Secure (432hz) 15:14 4.Speak Your Truth (741hz) 05:20 5.To Accelerate Our Evolution (528hz) 14:05

Tapping into the Infinite

May 2016 1.As Above so Below 432hz 10:32 2.Heart Upgrade 639hz 03:34 3.The Sun 126.22hz 09:38 4.The Mystic 396hz 07:36 5.Temple of the Moon 210.42hz 15:00

Interlacing with Gaia

October 2015 1.Sync In (285hz) 03:36 info 2.Contact Gaia (Inner Earth) (417hz) 13:49 3.Sending Love to Gaia (528hz) 06:28

Affirmations of Self

October 2015 1.Clearing The Path (741hz) 22:00 2.Vision Of The Prophet (963hz) 13:39 3.I AM Love Affirmation (528hz) 05:04

Gateway to the Heart

September 2015 1.I Am The Higher / I Am The Lower (639hz) 12:20 2.The I AM Presence (528hz) 06:26 3.I Am The Outer / I Am The Inner (528hz) 14:06

The Journey Within

August 2015 1.Awaken Your Universe (174hz / 122.2hz) 15:32 2.The Light Of Love 07:01

Moon Magic

August 2015 1.Transcendence Of Gaia (432hz / 528hz) 11:09 2.Temple Of The Moon (210.42hz) 15:00 3.Awakening The Gifts (174hz / 210.42hz) 04:00

Into the Chambers

August 2015 1.Chakra Alignment - Solfeggio Tones 13:13 2.Heart Beat of the Earth (Headphone Mix) 432hz 16:16