Sonic Meditations

A visceral, Shamanic-like journey.


A sonic meditation is a visceral, shamanic like sound journey designed for the modern world. The intention is to target the energy centers within your body to help facilitate a space for self exploration and deep connection.

Our frequency minded monthly music is paired with this event with the intention of creating results and challenging the listener while simultaneously creating an environment that is conducive for meditation, relaxation and joy. Each event lasts about an hour and a half and utilizes many different genres of music, various styles of instrumentation, tempos, and frequencies to create a sonic wave of energy that will be both peaceful and transformational.

The events are usually presented with surround sound speakers and with heavy focus on intention setting, breath work, connecting the group energy, learning about frequency, chakras, and the monthly astrology energy.  

These events are created with the intention of being subtly epic meaning that we want you to carry the feeling of this event through the rest of your week.  You will feel the music move through you in the form of vibration. The music will be played at a moderate, yet safe level.  Each meditation experience is unique as is each participant's reaction to the experience. 

As you enter this space you may experience a variety of emotions, thoughts, or sensations. Some may be very pleasant and others may represent a confronting of stagnant energy for release. Relax and participate as fully as you are willing. Quiet reflection and drinking adequate water (hydration) is recommended afterwards.

Listening to Smile holds private Sonic Meditations upon request.  Listening to Smile affiliates host regular Sonic Mediations internationally.  For more information about our two affiliate program options, please visit our Resale Affiliate page and our Sonic Meditation Affilliate page


This event is perfect for:


  • Yoga Center

  • Holistic Center

  • Community Center

  • Recovery Center

  • Mediation Class

  • Workshops

  • Sound Immersion 

  • Sound Bath

  • Team Building Exercise 

Sonic Meditation Mission Statement

Our vision. Our goal. Our focus.

Participants of Sonic Meditations have experienced:

Physical Healing

  • Improved Focus and Memory
  • Pain Relief
  • Hormonal Balancing
  • Calming ADD/ADHD

Spiritual Healing

  • Chakra Balancing
  • Creative Expression
  • Re-connection To Self
  • Release Energetic Blockages
  • Move Prana In The Body

Mental Healing

  • Mood Stablization
  • Relaxation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Sleep Improvement

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Sonic Meditations

Continue the experience at home utilizing our monthly frequency minded albums called "Sonic Meditations". Each album's tracks vary in different tempos and genres. You can utilize these albums in many areas of life from cleaning the house or walking the dog to your daily yoga or meditation practice. Be amazed!

18876267 - seven chakras  for yoga

Wellness Series

Frequency minded albums composed with specific targets, needs, and intentions in mind. There are different albums for different needs. We have albums in this series that help facilitate a peaceful state and relieve anxiety, as well as some albums that are more upbeat for movement meditations and yoga.


Binaural Beats

This music is composed for headphone use. These tracks and albums are created with very targeted and specific intentions such as sleep, meditation or focus. This is where science and sound are one.