Sound Healing Training

Sonic Meditation Affiliate Program

As a Listening to Smile Affiliate, you will receive a new album every month that is based off of sacred frequency, monthly astrology, different genres for balancing the energies of current events, and a mix of upbeat meditation music as well as slow, peaceful meditation tracks. Each track is made with ancient and contemporary instruments tuned to sacred frequencies, healing intentions, and reiki infusion.
Every Affiliate receives an orientation packet and orientation call. During this call you will be given the training and guidance to learn how to hold Sound Healing events and one on one sessions with your clients and community.
You receive continued support throughout the entire year! You can contact us via email, text, phone, or messaging. You can ask for help with playlists, speaker system setup, frequency recommendations, and pretty much anything that you need help with.
Ian Morris at Sonic Meditation

Benefits of Our Affiliate Program

  • Monthly Frequency Minded Music
  • Orientation and Training

  • Extra Income through holding Sound Healing events and reselling our Frequency Minded Music Albums to your community and a finder's fee for new Affiliates that want to share the healing vibes like you do!
  • Support for anything that you need
  • Joining a tribe of amazing healing practitioners
Sonic Meditation Event

Generate More Excitement, Engagement, and Revenue in Your Business

Listening to Smile works intimately with each and every one of our Affiliates to add additional value and extra income to your wellness practice or studio. Add another dimension of value to your company or practice, find out how.