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Kathryn Grashow and Daughter Ada

Ada prior to her regression at 4.5 years of age made beautiful eye contact. Phelan-McDermid Syndrome causes inexplicable extreme regression and we have learned that blanketing Ada with healing love is our most precious and sacred purpose in this life. Listening to smile is giving us a new effective tool to dig through the layers of pain she has accumulated and connect to her heart and soul again on a level that we’ve deeply missed.

Despite being technically non verbal, Ada has such a powerful message of hope and true courage! Oh I forgot she’s verbalizing in her fairy language a ton more since we started too. Much more complex verbalization!!!! Her music therapist sees a huge difference too!!!

Also: PMs is caused by a mutation or deletion in the shank 3 gene. The shank 3 gene is responsible for producing a protein that feeds your synapses. When you talked about the frequency meeting people at a slower rate this really made me feel hopeful as I think so much of our rushed world leaves Ada feeling overwhelmed and she’s validly left feeling like “peace out” This work has increased our time of engagement on HER terms. On HER comfort level/pace. It’s like a big window that was covered with thick drapes and now the window is being cleared and the sunshine is coming through!!!!

She is smiling more and the other night she just busted out In a full giggle!!!!! And she smirks a ton and this morning during our session with LTS music, she was giving me kisses!!!! She used to looooove kisses and she hasn’t kissed anyone in years! Then she reached out her hand and cupped my cheek so gently with such control. I kept thinking of how you said to have body awareness so as she touched parts of my face I said “forehead” and “cheek” playfully. Her eye contact is freaking amazing. I honestly feel so much closer to her than I have in years AND I can feel her happiness. We listen to LTS music for way more than 10 or 15 minutes, three times a day at least!