Our Frequency Minded Music

A Unique Sound Healing/Wellness Modality

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What Makes Our Music Unique

Our frequency minded music is composed with the intention of creating results and challenging the listener while simultaneously creating an environment that is conducive for meditation, relaxation and joy. We incorporate many different genres of music, various styles of instrumentation, tempos, and frequencies to create a sonic wave of energy that will be both peaceful and transformational.

We really love music so we love to share our enthusiasm with you and truly believe that what we are creating is powerful and healing. We feel what makes our music unique is in a few key aspects.


Some of the Sacred Frequencies We Incorporate:

  • Solfeggio scale

  • Schumann resonance

  • Planetary frequencies

  • Chakra frequencies

  • Channeled frequencies

 For more information visit our sacred frequencies page. 


Each one of our albums embodies certain characteristics that stand it apart from traditional meditation or frequency music, here are some key aspects:

  • Old with the new

We utilize forgotten practices and ancient teachings while incorporating the latest technology

  • Tone is king.

The mixing of our music is based around the frequencies we are working with and include octaves and harmonies to the main healing tone.

  • Consistency

We create music monthly with the astrological energies in mind.

  • Shamanic sound journey for the modern world

Our monthly albums are composed as a sound journey to take the listener on a soul exploration using different tempos and styles of music to evoke a sense of true self connection and deep relaxation.  We compose our music with different needs in mind so we utilize our three path system to help guide you to the exact type of music you are in search of for your specific need.  For more information on frequency minded music, click here.

We provide more than ordinary
healing music....

Meet the Founder and Creator of Our Frequency Music

Our Sound Alchemist, Ian Morris, has over 20 years’ experience as a musician and has studied and worked in the performing arts field all of his life. He was raised around music and some say he was born with a natural gift of creativity. What lead him down this path of sound healing and frequency was his own personal struggles and journey through chronic illness and the anxiety and depression that came from being so sick. He explored sound and frequency using pure tones and then began creating music with these tones and other sacred frequencies to help facilitate his own healing.

The results he experienced were astonishing beyond anything he could ever imagine. His family and friends noticed the miraculous change in his health and this led them to inquire more about what he was doing different. They wanted to experience this profound healing as well, and thus, Listening to Smile was born.

He began working with small groups in his community and studied how frequency affects many different ailments, illness, and dis-ease of both mind and body. He even built a sound/frequency table so that the body could be completely immersed in the vibration of the tones and frequencies. Ian took feedback and input from doctors, psychologists, and holistic practitioners to streamline and solidify his services. His goal was to create a customizable experience. As the programs began to develop the clients were shocked and elated by the results. This work grew into the live sound healing events called “Sonic Meditations.” As more and more people wanted to experience his frequency music the program expanded into an international community.

The perfect equation: Intention of the listeners, the healing power of frequency, his amazing talent and beautiful music, and consistency = healing for the body, mind, and spirit! Ian has seen firsthand how frequency music changes lives, not only in the hundreds of people from all over the world that he has worked with, but in his very own life with his dyslexia and illness.  He also incorporated the work he did with children with his non-profit, "Homemade Genius" into his vision.  He has seen how music can transform children that suffer from Autism and learning disabilities to bullying and social and environmental distress.  Frequency and music changes lives, and Listening to Smile frequency music is transformational.


The LTS Method
Exclusive Creation and Mastering Method

Our Creation Process

Each track is created after our Sound Alchemist sits in deep meditation and contemplation.  From this meditation, he will pull from the downloads he receives and use these as the inspiration and catalyst for the tones, melodies, tempos, and frequencies.  Some of our most popular and effective frequencies are channeled through meditation. He then takes the astrological events for that month and worldly matters into consideration, and creates music using frequencies that will help balance and counteract any negative or off-putting events or energies in the world.  And includes frequencies that will enhance the good energies in that month as well.  

The other very unique aspect is that our Sound Alchemist works reiki into the keys and strings of the instruments, as well as the notes and tones.  Our music is infused with healing intentions and energy from conception all the way to completion. Many clients have told us that they can "feel the difference" and can "feel the music working" or "feel the intentions and expressions come alive through the headphones."  

We also like to mix in upbeat tempos as well as more slowly paced, softer tempos in order meet you wherever you are.  Many times when we sit down to meditate, our minds are chaotic and busy from the outside world as well as our internal dialogue, so listening to an upbeat meditation track first helps to allow us to shake off the day, the stress, the pain, and worries.  Many listeners find it helpful to move the body(through dance, yoga, any movement, etc.) a bit to release all of that accumulation of stress.  Once you are ready, our slower meditation tracks help to set the tone for relaxation, healing, and restoration. 

Frequency is a disruptor, and helps to cancel out all of the noise in our minds, without much effort from us. Frequency is also healing and works in the background to bring the body back into balance and harmony.  So our tracks help to enhance your meditation practice and allow the mind and body to be still and heal.  Listening to Smile music is so enjoyable to listen to as well, so it's not a chore or another "thing" you feel you must get through.  Most clients even add the music throughout their day not just when they are sitting on their meditation cushions.  Some will use it while walking in nature, cleaning the house, in stressful situations such as dental offices, plane rides, or before meetings at work... the possibilities are endless for how our music can transform your life and heal your body, mind, and spirit. 

Don't let us tell you about it, give it a T-R-Y and see for yourself.  Check out the section on the bottom of this page to explore our music.  

what makes our music different

Our Sound Healing Albums

Take a listen and experience the impact our

"Sonic Medicine" can have on your own body, mind, and spirit. 


Sonic Meditation

Listening to Smile creates new monthly music in the themes of the astrological energies, the social, and political platforms exclusively for our affiliates world wide. The affiliates then share this music with the proper license and permissions in their private one on one sessions, live events, retreats, workshops, and on social media platforms.

18876267 - seven chakras  for yoga

Wellness Series

Frequency minded albums composed with specific targets, needs, and intentions in mind. There are different albums for different needs. We have albums in this series that help facilitate a peaceful state and relieve anxiety, as well as some albums that are more upbeat for movement meditations and yoga.


Binaural Beats

This music is composed for headphone use. These tracks and albums are created with very targeted and specific intentions such as sleep, meditation or focus. This is where science and sound are one.